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After witnessing one of his brothers use steam as a propellant in a gun trick, Evans began researching ways to harness its power for industrial processes and engines.

Early Life and Education

Oliver Evans was born in Newport, Delaware to a shoemaker father who moved the family to a farm in northern Delaware when Oliver was an infant. A studious child who devoured books available to him, Oliver eventually apprenticed himself as wheelwright learning various mechanical skills along the way.

Oliver graduated Yale College at the top of his class in 1747, soon taking up military duties during the French and Indian War defending New Haven colony’s northern border.

After returning from war, he studied law in Connecticut. Admitted to the bar in 1778, he married Laura Collins of Guilford in 1755; together they had five children before she passed away in 1794.

Achievement and Honors

Corey Verstraeten won the 2017 Grand Champion in the Delo Tractor Restoration Competition by restoring a 1972 Oliver 1755 tractor. Verstraeten had previously placed as a finalist three times with other tractors but finally proved victorious with this restoration job on an Oliver 1755 tractor from 1972. To add further glory and recognition of his achievement, Verstraeten and his tractor appeared on Jay Leno’s Garage show on August 17th!

Oliver Goldsmith was born November 10, 1728 and went on to write novels and plays such as The Deserted Village and She Stoops to Conquer before his untimely death at 45. Nonetheless, his literary skills won him widespread renown within literary circles; several streets, schools, memorials and streets in his honor have been named and his works translated into various languages.

Personal Life

Oliver Wolcott distinguished himself during our nation’s most consequential time by showing remarkable leadership during the Revolutionary War as governor of Connecticut and Major General for their militia unit.

Early on, he showed incredible promise. Graduating from Yale College at the top of his class, after college he joined military service and led a militia company defending our northern borders against French incursion.

He married Laura Collins from Guilford, Connecticut in 1755 and they went on to have five children together. Additionally, he served as sheriff in Litchfield County while representing it at colonial legislature meetings and state conventions.

Net Worth

Oliver tractors have become collector pieces, with the Oliver 1755 being particularly desirable. Rare examples can often be found at auctions and farm equipment dealers; though these machines can be costly, you might still be able to score one at an affordable price by searching online and attending auctions in person.

Oliver Evans was born September 13th 1755 in Newport Delaware United States. He died April 15th 1819 at 63 years old. Oliver Evans became well known after inventing his high-pressure steam engine in 1801 which patrolled during World War II on board US Liberty Ship SS Oliver Evans; an inventor like Thomas Edison with an estimated net worth of $5 Million!

1755 oliver
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