1984 Dallas Cowboys

The 1984 Dallas Cowboys season was 25th in the National Football League. The team had nine wins and seven losses. They missed the playoffs for only the second time in ten seasons. The team was named the NFC’s 25th best team, but the season was far from a disaster. Here are some of the highlights from that year. Continue reading for more details. Also check out these photos from the season!

The 1984 Cowboys had a solid defense, good running backs, and a poor offense. The Cowboys were unable to find success through the air. White was able to get the ball at a slower rate than Hogeboom because of their weak offensive line. Still, the Cowboys had some good pieces to their offense, including the strong running back Tony Dorsett. This combination resulted in an average 3.9 yards-per-carry for Dorsett.

The 1984 Dallas Cowboys went 9-7-1, but there were some problems. Their offensive line was plagued by injury and retirement, making it difficult to open holes for the running game. They turned the ball over 42 more times, making it difficult for the offense to score points. The defense was strong with a strong pass rush, and an opportunistic second. It was not uncommon for the Cowboys to allow more than four yards per carry.

The defense was strong in 1984 and ranked ninth in the NFL for points allowed. The Cowboys were able to remain in the playoffs thanks to their defense, but it was also crucial in keeping them in contention. The only defensive player to make the Pro Bowl was Randy White, with 12 1/2 sacks. Another key piece was defensive end Jim Jeffcoat, a 23-year-old. Jeffcoat and Downs both had a great year. Michael Downs, the free safety, picked up seven passes. Despite these dire signs, the Cowboys were still in the playoff hunt.

The Cowboys were the home favorite against the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC playoffs. Since the NFC’s realignment, this was their first road match in the Western Division. Despite having the home advantage, the Cowboys lost 13-0 in the first half. In that game, Hogeboom went 13/28 for 143 yards with two interceptions. Dexter Clinkscale, defensive back, caught two passes and Donley threw nine passes for 137 yards. The Cowboys won the game 20-13.

The Saints forced the Cowboys into punting in the second quarter. After three plays Danny White punted for 36 yards. The Cowboys were at their 39 yard line, and the Saints took over. The Saints took a 7 point lead when Richard Todd threw a touchdown pass towards Tyrone Young. Despite the late score, the Cowboys still had a long way to go.

1984 Dallas Cowboys
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