1984 New York Yankees

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The 1984 New York Yankees went through several major transitions. They had been the reigning champs of the American League in 1976-81, winning five AL East titles, four American League pennants, and two World Series trophies. Unfortunately, they began to fall behind their division rivals, and after a difficult offseason, George Steinbrenner decided to replace Billy Martin with Yogi Berra.

The Yankees made a huge move in the middle of their season. They acquired Darryl Strawberry from the Texas Rangers. He scored 26 runs in 122 games. Ron Darling recorded a 2.80 ERA in five starts. The Yankees finished the season 17 games behind the Detroit Tigers. The New York Mets, Chicago Cubs and Chicago Cubs had a combined record of 96-65. With a record of 79-77, the 1984 Yankees were one of the most successful teams in baseball.

The 1984 New York Yankees finished in third place in American League Eastern Division. They were 17 games behind Detroit Tigers. In addition to Yogi Berra, the team had several notable players on its roster. Dave Winfield finished second in the AL MVP voting, and Carlos Martinez finished second. The 1984 Yankees were a great team to watch. They needed to do more to make it in the postseason.

In addition to signing Graig Nettles and Lou Piniella, the New York Yankees are also adding a great bullpen. The Yankees have a Ray Fontenot-type Eddie Lopat in the starting rotation, while the bullpen features the likes of Dale Murray, Mike Armstrong, George Frazier and Mike Armstrong. Phil Niekro is a solid backup catcher. The bullpen is loaded with potential, so the New York Yankees are the top pick in the AL East this year.

The team also had Mattingly, Winfield and Baylor as its outfield. In addition to these players, the team had three solid veteran pieces in Gary Carter and Willie Randolph. The pitching staff was lacking a clear ace. Guidry normally would have been the starter. However, his poor performance in 1984 resulted in a record of 68-94. The team lost seven consecutive games.

The team had low expectations for this season and went on to win only one series during the early part of the season. The Yankees also failed the three best American League teams – Baltimore, Detroit, and Toronto – which was a disappointment. The Yankees could have used their season to reverse the momentum. And while Kansas City had been the team in the ALCS four times during the Renaissance Era, they had yet to beat them.

1984 New York Yankees
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