1984 NFL Standings

The 1984 NFL standings aren’t as impressive as one might expect. San Francisco was the league’s best team, but it is not as large as one might think. The team won 15 of 16 games, was the league’s leader in points allowed and points earned, and had 13.8 Pythagenport victories. This is the best record for any single team in the NFL’s history. The 1984 NFL standings are below.

In 1984, the NFL saw a rise in the one-back offense, with five different backs gaining more than 300 carries. Three of them exceeded 370 carries. Two of them were among the top five in DYAR. The other top-10 rushing backs were John Riggs of the New York Jets and Gerald Riggs of the Green Bay Packers. The Baltimore Ravens preferred the two-back system in the passing game. The defense was the best-scoring defense in the NFL and there was plenty of running backs.

In 1984, Joe Ferguson’s last season with the Bills, the running backs had a rough time finding the end zone. They finished with only two touchdowns on the season, which meant that they ended up below replacement level in passing yards. The Bengals ranked eighth in DVOA. But they still had a decent offense, thanks to their star back, Archie Manning. But while this is not necessarily a good sign, it’s still worth a look.

Another reason the Vikings had a poor 1984 NFL season was their defense. They were led by Joe Nash, a stalwart defensive back. They were fourth in DVOA. Miami also boasted strong special teams and low turnover rates. The Dolphins’ offense is also strong. In 1984, Dan Marino became the first quarterback to throw for 5,000 yards in a season, and he destroyed the previous record of 36 passing touchdowns held by George Blanda and Y.A. Tittle. He broke the record with 48 passing touchdowns in Week 14 against Raiders.

In the 1984 NFL standings, the Houston Oilers, Buffalo Bills, and Minnesota Vikings rounded out the bottom of the table. This is not a common occurrence. Three bad teams are not the norm, but they do happen. In 2000 and 2009, the same was true. Only two teams were able to finish lower than four times. They’re also very rare. And in 1984, the Houston Oilers finished last in DVOA, which wasn’t the case in 1985.

The Pittsburgh Steelers were 8-7 but were saved by the AFC West, which had a bad division. The Steelers were upset by the Raiders in the wild-card round, and the Rams made the playoffs, but lost the AFC West to the Dallas Cowboys on the final Monday night. This was their first year in playoffs and their only chance at the Super Bowl since 1974.

1984 NFL Standings
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