1984 NFL Standings

The 1984 season saw the San Francisco 49ers finish 15-1. This was a record that was unheard of for a team that went 16 games. The 49ers topped the NFL in scoring and allowed points. With 13.8 Pythagenport wins, they also finished first in NFL. The 49ers were the best team in franchise history at the end of the year. The following table shows how they stacked up against the other teams in the 1984 NFL standings.

The Green Bay Packers finished 8-8 in the 1984 NFL standings. The Packers were better than the 49ers in the second half of the season. They could not replicate their success in 1985, and finished 21st in DVOA. The Chicago Bears were also in the playoffs, but fell short of the Super Bowl. The 1985 Green Bay Packers season was disappointing. Their record dropped to 8-8 and they finished in 21st place.

While Miami had similar records, the Dolphins had an incredible season. Miami had a record-high offense and was No. 2 in DVOA. Dan Marino became the first quarterback in history to throw for 5,000 yards and break the passing touchdown record set by George Blanda and Y.A. Tittle. Marino also threw 48 touchdowns against the Raiders, breaking the record in Week 14.

In DYAR, RBs had different success rates. Five backs had more than 300 carries in the season, with three going over 370. Three backs ran over 300 yards and finished fourth in rushing. The Green Bay Packers, meanwhile, had the highest rushing DYAR with 6.0 yards per carry. Riggs was only given nine targets, while the Saints had the second best rushing DYAR in 1984.

While the Seattle Seahawks finished second in the NFC West, the Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl. Despite their lackluster offense, they still had one of the best defenses in the NFL. Kenny Easley and Joe Nash were first-team All-Pros. The Seahawks won three shutouts in the season and had the best defense until 2005. In their 45-0 loss against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 10, the Seattle defense also had seven interceptions.

The Houston Oilers won eight of their nine games, but their season ended in defeat. The Colts went to fourth-and-two only 15 times and converted on 13 attempts. The Steelers, on the other hand, only converted on one of their first-downs. In 1984, the Steelers acquired David Woodley. The Colts finished with a record of 3-13, making it difficult for them to reach the playoffs.

1984 NFL Standings
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