1985 Los Angeles Rams

The 1985 Los Angeles Rams won 11 games and finished first in the National Football Conference and the West Division. They scored 340 points, compared to 277 for the other teams. Eric Dickerson, who ran for more than 1,200 yards, led the Rams’ offense. Dieter Brock threw 2,658 yards in the passing game. Henry Ellard led the receiving corps, and Tony Hunter made a major contribution to the passing game.

In 1985, the Rams played their 50th season and occupied the home field of Anaheim Stadium. The Rams won the NFC West by winning 11-5. The team was a seed of 1 in the playoffs and lost 24-0 to the Chicago Bears. Dickerson had a good career in Los Angeles, and he was rewarded with a Super Bowl ring the following year. Although the team was a contender, a lackluster offensive line was a problem.

The Rams finished the regular season with an 11-5 record. They went 6-2 at home and 5-3 away. They finished the regular season at 12-6, but lost the conference championship game to the Chicago Bears. The Rams played in the West Division of the National Football Conference, and went 3-3 against NFC West teams. Although they did not make it to the playoffs, they were an impressive team.

In 1985, the Rams won their division title, and won the game in primetime against a struggling St. Louis Cardinals team. The playoffs were looming and the Rams could not get the #1 seed. The Chicago Bulls had a record of 15-1, while the Dallas Cowboys were the number two seed. Although the Rams lost to Seattle, the playoff win helped boost the team’s morale.

The Rams had a great start to the season. Dickerson ran for 46 yards in their first home game against Atlanta Falcons. However, quarterback Dieter Brock managed only ten touchdowns from 31 attempts. However, the Rams’ first half threat was thwarted by a controversial call by the officials. The review was not possible until the following season. The Rams were also outscored in halftime.

The defense performed well against the Falcons’ top offense, limiting them only to 45 rushing yards. The Rams were outgained 306 to 188. But the Rams’ defense was dominant, allowing Dickerson to score two touchdowns. A great defensive effort led to a victory against the Cowboys. The Rams won by one touchdown on their final drive.

1985 Los Angeles Rams
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