1985 NFL Draft

The 1985 NFL Draft took place in New York City on April 30th and May 1st, respectively. There was also a supplemental draft. There were no quarterbacks drafted in the first round of this year’s draft, although the Cleveland Browns did select University of Miami quarterback Bernie Kosar in the supplemental draft. The draft produced three Pro Bowl players, including Hall of Famer Terrell Suggs. Here are some notable players who were selected in the 1985 NFL Draft.

The 49ers drafted wide receiver Jerry Rice in the first round of 1985 NFL Draft. Rice was a 13-time Pro Bowler, scoring more touchdowns than any other non-kicker in his NFL career. The 1985 draft class was strong with players such as Rice, who was the all-time leading receiver and career sack leader. He also starred alongside some of the most prominent stars of the collapsed USFL.

Kosar was considered by many to be a top quarterback prospect, but he was not selected by the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings traded their No. 2 pick to the Houston Oilers and used that pick to select Kosar. Kosar signed with the Cleveland Browns, but Chris Doleman was chosen by the Vikings to be his replacement. Kosar stayed in Cleveland for nine seasons and posted a 56-55-1 record as a starter. His passer rating was 81.9 and he earned one Pro Bowl selection.

Kearse was another player drafted in the first round. He was the first player chosen by the Tennessee Titans, who selected him over the Houston Oilers. He went on to have one of the best rookie seasons in NFL history. He had 58 combined tackles and 14.5 sacks. He also forced eight fumbles in his rookie season. He was named AP NFL Defensive Player of the Year and Pro Bowl.

Johnson is a top candidate with size and strength. Stingley is another top prospect who has durability concerns. Bradberry has an unknown future. But all of the players in the top eight are worth watching. So, if you want to bet on the first round, choose Johnson. The Chiefs need a wide receiver to partner with Michael Thomas. So make sure you pick someone with the same skill set. However, they will be patient with their top quarterbacks and add defensive line muscle.

Before scouting combine, the 49ers had a successful draft. They selected tackle Leo “the Lion”, who would go on 14 seasons in the NFL. He played on both sides of the ball and earned 10 Pro Bowl berths. He was also the first 49er to receive an induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. If you are curious about how the 49ers managed to attract so many talent in the NFL Draft, keep reading.

1985 NFL Draft
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