1986 Miami Dolphins

The 1986 Miami Dolphins were a team that reached their 21st season of the National Football League. They failed to improve on their previous season’s performance and finished 8-8. They missed the playoffs for only the sixth time in six years. For this reason, there are a few interesting facts about this team. Continue reading to learn more about 1986 Dolphins. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our Dolphins article series for more information.

The Dolphins ended the season with an 8-8 record, finishing with 430 points, making them the most winning team in the league that year. Their offense had a strong year and ranked fifth in the NFL, but their defense was weak and a major liability for Marino. Because they were so stingless, linemen Doug Betters and Bob Baumhauer were nicknamed “Killer B’s”. In fact, the Dolphins only managed to record five sacks and two interceptions. With so few sacks and turnovers, this team was not only embarrassed to miss the playoffs, but also failed to improve upon their previous output.

After a dominant start, the Dolphins became more conservative on defense and offense. The Saints had an opportunity to score a touchdown at the one-yard line, but an illegal motion penalty nullified the touchdown. The Miami Dolphins’ defense stiffened and made the goal-line stand. Dave Wilson’s pass to the wide-open receiver on fourth down was inaccurate. With the game at stake, the Dolphins lost in overtime, 51-45.

Although the defense of the Dolphins was weak, their offense won the day. Although the Saints’ defense had some weaknesses, the Dolphins had a strong running game, which enabled the Dolphins to dominate. Their quarterback Dan Marino threw 241 yards and three touchdowns while allowing only one turnover. The Dolphins finished the season with a memorable 7-9 record. And their defense was a weak spot, and the Dolphins were never back in the playoffs for the rest of the 1980s.

1986 Miami Dolphins
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