1988 Miami Dolphins

The 1988 Miami Dolphins finished 6-10, a year after the team had won six straight games to start the season. They finished with a record of six wins and two losses, but their offense struggled. They ranked 22nd in the NFL in scoring offense and had trouble stopping the run. Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino had a poor year. He finished with 24 TDs, 22 interceptions and a total of 22 sacks. But the offense was still a force, and several key players were named to the Pro Bowl.

After a rough start, the 1988 Dolphins won three games in a row, including a 17-14 victory over New England. The Dolphins lost their next three games, falling to Buffalo, and the Houston Oilers. Their next two games were also close, but the Dolphins won a home game against the New England Patriots and a road game against the lowly New York Jets. The team went on to win four of six games, making the playoffs in four of them.

The 1988 Miami Dolphins were poised to make the playoffs and rise to the 2-seed in their final game of the season. They fell short of their playoff push. They lost twice to Jimmy Johnson’s worst team in the NFL. In overtime, Dallas won 167-65 and Miami was eliminated from the playoffs. Despite this strong start, the Dolphins would fall in the final five weeks.

The 1988 Miami Dolphins had several major goals for the season. They finished the season with six wins and fifth place in the AFC East. They finished fifth in the East Division with 319 points. They were led by Dan Marino, a skilled quarterback who threw for 4,434 yards. Mark Clayton threw 86 passes for 1,129 yards. Troy Stradford and Lorenzo Hampton led a thriving rush attack. While William Judson and Jarvis Williams both had four interceptions, the Dolphins had to settle for a sixth-place finish in the season.

Despite their poor record, the Dolphins enjoyed a great run during the 1980s. After three straight years of missing the playoffs, they finished the season at 8-7, but did not improve their record. While the team won six games in 1988, the Dolphins fell short of the playoffs for the third consecutive year. Their playoff run didn’t end until the 1991 season. However, their playoff run was still bright.

1988 Miami Dolphins
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