1989 Clippers Roster

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The following website contains a complete 1989 Clippers roster. These Clippers were involved in a variety of games during 1989-90, including playoff games and regular season games. These players were all former Laker players. To see how the team has evolved since 1989-90, you can also view the 1989-90 Clippers roster. This article will briefly review some of the most prominent players from that season. This will help you identify your favorite player and the role he will fill.

The 1988-89 Los Angeles Clippers finished the season with a record of 21-61, finishing sixth in the Western Conference’s Pacific Division. The Clippers scored 8,509 and allowed 8,787 in their regular season. Charles Smith led the Clippers with 1,645 points. Gary Grant had 442 assists, while Benoit Benjamin had 657 rebounds. In addition, Benoit Benjamin swatted 187 opposing shots.

1989 Clippers Roster
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