1989 MLB Standings – The Oakland Athletics and the Cincinnati Reds

The 1989 Major League Baseball season was a great one for the Oakland Athletics. They won the American League West for a second straight season, and the San Francisco Giants won the National League East. In addition, the Oakland Athletics won their first World Series since 1974. The season was also notable for the first World Series championship for an African-American team. The championship was won by the Oakland Athletics, the first African-American team since the Negro Leagues.

Oakland Athletics win the American League West second consecutive title

The 1989 season saw the Oakland Athletics break away from the rest in the AL West and make it to the postseason. Although the season of the Oakland Athletics was delayed by a devastating earthquake for ten days, the team was still in contention. They won the postseason. In the World Series, they fell to the Cincinnati Reds, who swept the A’s in four games.

The A’s lost a five-game series against California Angels in July. They then won the AL West. However, after losing their home series to the Royals, they found their mojo and tied the Royals for first place. After winning the series, Oakland took a weekend series against Kansas City and Minnesota to clinch their second straight AL West title. McGwire scored three times and Welch began Friday’s game to help the A-s win the series.

The team’s pitching was top-notch, and their defense was a major strength. The A’s pitching staff had a 3.32 ERA in 1989. The A’s offense was also strong, with Carney Lansford stealing 37 bases, and Dave Parker hitting 22 home runs and totaling 97 RBI. Canseco’s absence was what really made the A’s win the AL West title.

1989 M.L.B. standings feature a series of seven games, which will determine the World Series champion. Historically, the best-of-seven series is the World Series, and the Athletics won their first and only World Series title since 1921. They won 27 World Series titles in total. 1989 World Series made it possible for the A to win their second consecutive AL West title.

The ’89 A’s had a great season led by Jim La Russa, a former Major Leaguer. They won the AL pennant twice, but lost in the ’88 World Series to the Dodgers. The Reds swept the 1990 World Series from the A’s. This championship is a reminder about how far the A’s have come since 1989.

San Francisco Giants win National League East division

The 1989 season was one the most successful in MLB history. The team avoided elimination from playoff contention until the last day of the season. They finished one game out of the Wild Card race, two games back of the Division champion Los Angeles Dodgers. The World Series would be won by the Los Angeles Dodgers, who were led by Steve Finley’s grand slam homerun. In addition, Barry Bonds would break several of his own records.

In 1989, the San Francisco team won its 2nd consecutive division title. It started the season a shade above.500, trailing the Dodgers for most of the season. They fell to 7.5 games behind by the end of May, and lost a series to the Cardinals. The Giants won 18 consecutive games in September and won 29 out of their final 43 games.

The Giants have remained competitive since they won the NL West. After losing three of four series to the Dodgers, they have won nine of their last 11 games. They are on the verge to winning the division title and have a good chance of doing so. The Giants’ deep roster will give them a chance to make the road to the World Series even tougher for the Dodgers.

The team’s slogan changed to “Fear the Beard” and had a new slogan. The team’s players grew facial hair, including Brian Wilson, Sergio Romo, and Will Clark. The team finished 83 games that year, and won the National League West division. The Giants won both the National League pennant 1989 and the National League Championship Series 1988. They beat the Chicago Cubs in four games.

In 1989, the National League pennant was won by the San Francisco Giants in just four games. Rick Reuschel, who had just won Game 2, lost game four. The Cubs’ Sandberg had reached base on a Mitchell error, and Walton had a double. The Giants maintained a 1-0 lead up to the seventh inning. The Giants scored a run on Will Clark’s sacrifice fly.

Toronto Blue Jays win American League East division

The 1988 season has started off on a positive note for the Blue Jays. Their offence had scored almost six runs per game, and they beat the Baltimore Orioles 4-3 in the penultimate game of the regular season. The division title was clinched by Toronto’s win over the Orioles in September 30. The Blue Jays will go on to win the World Series in 1989, clinching a first-round series against the Los Angeles Angels.

The Jays’ pitching staff was balanced, with five starters making 145 starts. The bullpen was among the best in the decade. Duane Ward and Tom Henke were the closes. Meanwhile, third baseman Kelly Gruber emerged as a star and hit a career high.448. The outfield was depleted and the Jays had to rely on their core players to carry them.

The playoff run of the Blue Jays was also extraordinary. They won two-thirds their games and only one of their four AL East competitors. The team finished at 20-28 but won the World Series in 1994 and the ALCS in six. The Blue Jays would lose all three of their remaining games in the series, but Toronto would have a one-game buffer.

After nearly three months in first place, the Blue Jays clinch the AL East division title. Tom Henke strikes out Baltimore Orioles pinch-hitter Larry Sheets to clinch the division title. Toronto wins the World Series in just three games. They beat the Atlanta Braves in ALCS, but lost to Minnesota Twins in World Series.

The Blue Jays were a major AL rival during the late eighties. Between 1989 and 1993, the Blue Jays won four out of five division titles. Toronto took over the torch after the Oakland dynasty was gone. They would go on to win two of the next three World Series. Their AL East rivals met twice during the 1989 season, which was the first time in franchise history. The Blue Jays were led by Josh Donaldson, who had 41 home runs and 122 RBI.

Nashville Stars harken back to Negro Leagues team

The 1990 MLB standings are a reflection of a team that began in the Negro Leagues. The two leagues fought in the world series from 1924 to 1929. In the 1930s, there were teams from the South, such as the Atlanta Crackers and the Birmingham Black Barons. But, what do these stats mean?

1989 MLB Standings – The Oakland Athletics and the Cincinnati Reds
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