1989 Pro Set Troy Aikman Autographed Card

The 1989 Pro Set includes a signed card from Troy Aikman who was a Dallas Cowboys player. The card features Troy’s signature, which is clearly visible in the photos and scans of the autograph. The card is shipped directly from an approved vendor and is priced accordingly. Although this card isn’t valuable, it’s worth collecting for its unique design. This card is a great addition to any collection if you are interested in autographed football cards.

You can get your hands on a 1990 pro set troy aikman card by searching for it on eBay or by contacting one of the multiple sellers. They will all ship the cards to you in one shipment. You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy your collection! You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy your collection!

Another 1989 Pro Set card is Barry Levy. This card is stunning and rated in the triple digits. The former 49ers quarterback was rated second in the 1989 Pro Set. He was also the first to achieve the PSA 10 grade level. Despite his age, Levy played only one season with the Chiefs and coached them to only one winning season (9-7 in 1981) and no playoff appearances. After five seasons with Chiefs, Levy was fired from the NFL and became the Chicago Blitz’s coach in the USFL.

The 1989 Pro Set was a landmark issue in the hobby. It was the only issue that featured team action for nearly a quarter century and brought slick marketing to this hobby. It helped catapult the FB card boom in the early 1990s. Although 1989 Fleer cards were not very popular, they had a significant impact on the industry’s growth and popularity.

1989 Pro Set Troy Aikman Autographed Card
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