1989 Proset Football Cards

The 1989 Pro Set football cards feature a small photo of each player along with their personal information and career highlights. These cards were the first complete sets produced by Pro Set and were printed in team order. The 1989 proset set had a number of rookies as its centerpiece, including Ernest Byner, Gerald Riggs, and Gizmo Williams. They also included many players who would go on to become famous stars in the 1990s.

The 1989 Pro Set football cards were an iconic issue. At the time, Topps and Fleer were the only team-action football cards. Although the Pro Set football cards only represented a small portion of the hobby’s revenue, they made an impact by bringing slick marketing to bear. In addition to NFL cards, Pro Set also produced hockey, NASCAR, and PGA Tour football cards. The company continues to produce popular sports cards today.

The 1989 Pro Set is currently a hot commodity among sports card collectors, with packs being sold anywhere from $0.25 to $1 each. Many dealers will even sell a few copies of each card, but it is unlikely you’ll find a complete set for less than $100. This set has a few high-end pieces, but it’s not as valuable as its counterpart. Regardless, if you’re looking to make a good investment in 1989 sports cards, this set is a good way to start.

The design of the cards was another Pro Set highlight. The cards featured great photography and multi-colored borders. Denny’s goals included keeping the cards fresh. Pro Set went through bankruptcy protection just before the 1992-93 season, and a brand manager hired Price to manage the brand. As the 1993-94 season began, Pro Set sold the Parkhurst brand to the Upper Deck Company. After the company’s bankruptcy, Price continued to travel from Toronto to Dallas and manage the company’s marketing.

Bo Jackson played baseball and football, and he never faded from the sports hobby’s limelight. His 1989 Pro Set card is valued at a double-digit PSA 10 value. He later became the 49ers’ quarterback and led them to their fourth Super Bowl title. The 1989 Pro Set features Bo Jackson. He’s a rare double-digit-plus buy in PSA 10.

The 1989 Pro Set football set includes 561 cards. It contains a 440-card base set, a 100-card second series, and a final update set with 21 cards. It also features 23 Super Bowl cards, 30 announcer cards, and a commissioner card. Most cards include full-color images of players in action, along with the NFL shield logo, the Pro Set name, and the words “The Official NFL Card.”

The Steelers had an incredible defense in 1988. The defense allowed an average of 26.3 points per game, and finished fourth in the AFC Central. Rod Woodson had a phenomenal year, totaling 88 tackles in 16 starts and four interceptions. He also forced three fumbles, recovered three fumbles, and forced seven other passes. After the season, the Steelers cleaned house and won the Super Bowl four years in a row.

1989 Proset Football Cards
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