1992 NFL Standings

Here’s a quick guide for those who are interested in finding out who finished where in 1992 NFL standings. The standings are based on straight-up records, ats records, and yards per play. The Indianapolis Colts won the first draft. They were the top pick in round 2. There were 18 teams in the 1992 NFL standings, with seven eliminated teams and eight clinched playoff seeds.

There were many notable teams in 1992. The Indianapolis Colts finished the season with an 8-8 record. The difference between the top two teams was amazing. Kansas City finished the season with a record 10-6. They were also the only team to miss out on the playoffs for special teams. Kansas City had a DVOA of 3.0%, while Detroit was the top team in special teams. The 35-yard kickoff line was the only thing that prevented the teams from being separated by just one point.

Although the 1992 NFL standings show a younger quarterback class than the rest of the league, the top teams still have a strong core. Troy Aikman and Jim Kelly were the best quarterbacks, while Brett Favre was thirteenth in the DYAR. Another playoff team was the Denver Broncos, who finished with a -440 in the DYAR. Several teams had impressive records, but the Steelers were the most successful.

The season’s final standings included a surprising split between good and bad teams. With a record of 9-7, the Indianapolis Colts were outscored by 302 and missed the playoffs for the AFC East. The playoffs were also won by the 0-4 San Diego Chargers and Buffalo Bills. The Indianapolis Colts’ Pythagorean win difference was 5.0.

As a team, the Philadelphia Eagles finished with a 10-6 record, tied with three other teams. Fred Barnett, one of the Eagles’ two best receivers, averaged 16 yards per reception. He was also a Pro Bowler. Unfortunately, the Eagles’ stellar individual performances failed to translate to postseason success. Philadelphia was eliminated from the Super Bowl after they failed to make the playoffs. With the Eagles’ season in 1992, the team was a disappointment and did not get back to its former glory.

1992 NFL Standings
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