1992 NFL Standings

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Here’s a look at who finished where in 1992 NFL standings. These were the top five teams of the regular season, and the 1992 NFL standings reflect that fact. Take a look at the table to get a general idea of what to expect in the postseason.

Dallas Cowboys

1992’s NFL season saw a surprising split between good and poor teams. Despite being outscored by 302 point, the Indianapolis Colts ended with a 9-7 record. The difference between actual wins versus Pythagorean victories was 5.0. The 0-4 San Diego Chargers also made the playoffs, as did the Buffalo Bills and Houston Texans. In the end, the Indianapolis Colts finished with a 5.0 Pythagorean win difference, the biggest gap between Pythagorean wins and actual wins.

It was particularly puzzling that there was no deviation in the special team category. The DVOA for the top team was 3.0%. Kansas City was the number one in all 18 years. Twenty-six teams had a special teams DVOA between -3.1% and 3.0%. The 1992 low DVOA was not due to the old 35-yard kickoff line. If you’re curious about this anomaly, consider the facts.

The 1992 NFL standings include both straight up and ats records for each team. The standings are influenced by points scored and allowed. The 1992 draft was the most successful in NFL history, with the Indianapolis Colts occupying the top two spots. Desmond Howard and Bobby Whitfield were chosen by the Washington Redskins. Dallas Cowboys picked quarterback Emmit Smith in the fourth round. Emmit Smith led the Dallas Cowboys to the Super Bowl and the NFL Championship Game. The Pittsburgh Steelers also made the playoffs, as the first seed.

The 1991 NFL standings do not reflect this. All four of the top quarterbacks were over 30 years old. The next four were Troy Aikman and Jim Kelly, who were the best quarterbacks. Despite his rookie season, Brett Favre finished thirteenth in DYAR. John Elway managed to score 10 touchdowns and 17 interceptions despite a shoulder injury. He also had -437 DYAR.

Indianapolis Colts

The 1992 NFL standings include straight-up records, ats records and yards per play. The Indianapolis Colts held the first draft of 1992, finishing with the top pick in round 2. Below is a breakdown on the 1992 NFL standings. The following table shows the 1992 NFL standings. Eighteen teams won at least 11 games and eight were eliminated. This list includes both the clinched playoff seeds and those that have seven wins or more.

The Indianapolis Colts finished with a record of 12-4, but they were far from perfect. In fact, the Colts were only one touchdown away from the Super Bowl in 1991. In 1992, the team had a DVOA that was nearly a full seven games better than their actual record. That season, they won the AFC South division, but missed the playoffs in the AFC East. They finished 1995 with a record 6-8 and were one game away from the Super Bowl.

The 1992 NFL standings showed that Houston and San Francisco topped the league. In the AFC East, Miami finished ahead of Buffalo and Houston, while the Colts, Dallas, and Kansas City finished second and third, respectively. In the NFC Central Tampa Bay was ahead of Detroit and Chicago. In the NFC West, Atlanta finished a few spots ahead of the L.A. Rams, a division champion last year, had a better overall record against their conference opponents than the Colts.

The Colts finished the year with a five-game winning streak. This record is still in place today. The Colts averaged four point per game and recovered 59 percent fumbles. The NFL has made several key personnel changes since 1992, and the Colts are looking better than ever. This year, the Indianapolis Colts have hired former Vikings coordinator Dave Shula as head coach.

Dan Marino was the first quarterback with 4,116 yards. Sterling Sharpe, Eric Martin and Eric Martin both posted impressive numbers at the receiver position. Meanwhile, Green Bay’s Brett Favre took over the starting role and threw for over 3,000 yards. Emmit Smith won the rushing title. He pounded the ground for 1,713 yards and scored 18 touchdowns. The Packers’ crappy defense hampered the offense, as both Testeverde and Manning the Senior finished with mediocre passing offenses.

Philadelphia Eagles

In 1992, the Philadelphia Eagles finished with a record of 10-6, tied with three other teams. The team used a rotating draft order from the 16th to 20th overall picks, and traded away its first round pick to the Dallas Cowboys. The team selected Siran Stacy, running back, in the second round. This completed a roster that included twelve players. This season was a complete failure. The Eagles didn’t make it to the playoffs.

The team finished the season with a point differential of +109, which would have expected them to have an 11-5 record. The season ended without a championship and parade. In addition, the Eagles did not regain their previous glory, as Reggie White was free-agent and Fred Barnett suffered season-ending injuries. Despite the disappointing season, 1992 Philadelphia Eagles showed grit as well as teamwork.

On the other hand, the Philadelphia Eagles defense was unable to stop their opponents. They were still competitive thanks to their talented offensive line. Seth Joyner, Eric Allen, and their secondary were the leaders in pass-rushing. However, they were a weak team. Philadelphia also struggled against the Washington Redskins and the Kansas City Chiefs. The Eagles finished the season 11-5, one game behind the Saints in the NFC East.

One positive point to note about the 1992 NFL standings for Philadelphia Eagles is the team’s rushing game. While the team was not a powerhouse, it did have two top receivers. Fred Barnett averaged over 16 yards per reception and made the Pro Bowl. His stellar individual performances did not translate to postseason success. The team lost one playoff game in that time period. The team did win the Super Bowl, which was a significant achievement.

New Orleans Saints

The 1992 NFL standings show that the San Diego Chargers and the Pittsburgh Steelers finished in the same place. These teams were in the same division as the AFC Central. They finished the season 11-5. These teams were far apart in many ways, including the offense and defense, but they were still considered to be contenders for the NFL championship. However, there were some key players who stood out in the 1992 NFL standings.

The first step is to look at the actual season stats. In 1992, there was a remarkable difference between good and poor teams. Only the Denver Broncos finished with an 8-8 record. In fact, nine teams finished with 11 wins and eight losses, while six finished with seven, eight, or nine wins. Claimed playoff seeds are shaded in green and marked in parentheses. No ties occurred in 1992, and the divisions were rounded up according to their Pythagorean win total.

The 1992 NFL standings showed the best teams in each division. In 1992, Detroit was number one in special teams. They had a special team DVOA of 3.0%. Kansas City was the number one team for the previous 18 seasons. In addition, there were 26 teams with a DVOA between -3.1% and 3.0%. The 35-yard kickoff line was the only reason for the absence of deviation.

Dan Marino and Troy Aikman were the top four quarterbacks of 1992. Jim Kelly was fourth. Brett Favre, in his first season as a starter, finished 13th in DYAR. The Denver Broncos played through a shoulder injury and finished the season with ten touchdowns and seventeen interceptions, but finished with a -437 DYAR. This team won the 1992 playoffs with the most wins.

1992 NFL Standings
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