1992 Pro Set – Beauty and the Beast

1992 pro set beauty and the beast 30260

The 1992 Pro Set Beauty and the Beast trading cards were designed with young collectors in mind, and are a great addition to your collection. This set features 75 cards with full-bleed movie shots and text on the back. Depending on your personal taste, you can collect any or all of these cards. These cards are affordable and make great gifts for young fans. Click the link below to purchase a 1992 Pro Set.

The 1991-92 Pro Set Platinum series featured the throwback jerseys of the Original Six. Many of the cards were taken during the season’s early part, as the team had only recently changed its uniforms. Fortunately, this set is fairly cheap to buy, and you can get some great cards for the price of a couple dozen 1992 baseball cards. You can also add variety to your collection by purchasing insert cards. Whether you’re buying a 1992 baseball card or a hockey card, you’re sure to find a great set with a little bit of everything.

The cards in the 1992 Pro Set Newsreel set are also pretty good looking. Many of them were taken in full-bleed with no borders, and the photography was solid. These cards contained a staggering number of baseball players, ranging from the all-time greats to newcomers. As with previous sets, the series 1 contained cards from one to four hundred. There are subsets for stat leaders (1-18) and milestones (27-100) as well as newsreel and play smart.

1992 Pro Set – Beauty and the Beast
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