2001 Dallas Cowboys Roster

The 2001 Dallas Cowboys roster has a lot of question marks. The team didn’t win the Super Bowl, and Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman was waived during the offseason. After suffering a back injury in 1999 and retiring as wide receiver, Michael Irvin also left the position of signal-caller. However, there were some positives to the 2001 Dallas Cowboys roster, including the emergence of rookie quarterback Anthony Wright and second-rounder Quincy Carter.

Deion Sanders and Troy Aikman aren’t on the 2001 Dallas Cowboys roster, and it’s unclear how much they’ll pay them. Neither are the Cowboys expected to sign either player for more than one year. Aikman is expected to be paid a $7 million roster bonus in March, even though the Cowboys have the cap space to keep him. If Coakley doesn’t return, Alonzo Spellman and Mark Stepnoski could be back in the fold, but they won’t be at bargain prices like 2000.

Despite their success, the 2001 Dallas Cowboys did not duplicate the success of the previous year. In 2003, they finished 6-10. The team also added Vinny Testaverde to replace Quincy Carter as their starting quarterback. In 2004, the Cowboys began 7-3 and finished 3rd in the division. In 2006, the Cowboys hired Drew Bledsoe, who would later replace Irvin as the team’s starting quarterback.

The rivalry between Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys dates back to 1960 when the teams met for the first time. It ended in a 26-14 win for the Redskins. Since then, the two teams have met at least 100 times, including playoffs. However, the Cowboys hold an advantage at FedEx Field. The Philadelphia Eagles were relocated to the stadium in 1970 and went on to win the NFC championship.

After a successful season in 1995, Jerry Jones drafted a number of star players. These players were the most prolific in Dallas’ history. Smith set the NFL record for touchdowns with 25 and also set the franchise record for one season. The Cowboys finished the season at 12-4, qualifying for the playoffs. In the NFC Conference Championship, they beat Green Bay 38-27. The Cowboys reached the Super Bowl this season for the first time since 2002.

2001 Dallas Cowboys Roster
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