2007 New Orleans Saints

The 2007 New Orleans Saints are a team that has experienced some ups and downs this season. After losing their season opener to the Eagles, the Saints have a tough road trip to face the Vikings and Redskins. But they did come out on top last season and are now the defending Super Bowl champions. Here are three reasons why. Continue reading to learn more about 2007 New Orleans Saints.

The Saints’ offense struggled in the first half, but they came back in the second quarter. Drew Brees completed an 8-yard touchdown pass to Lance Moore, and the Saints led 14-6 at the half. The Saints were still in the game, as they managed a TD pass from Brees to RB Reggie Bush. The Saints were unable to convert the extra point to close out the gap.

The 2007 New Orleans Saints lost a road game against the Atlanta Falcons but still managed to win their divisional game. In addition to the Seahawks, they played the Arizona Cardinals in an intraconference matchup. Drew Brees completed a 17 yard touchdown pass to Devery Henderson in quarter one. The Cardinals scored a touchdown thanks to a short field goal made by John Carney, a former Saints kicker. Before halftime, the Saints regained control of the lead.

The 2007 New Orleans Saints finished the season with seven wins, and nine losses. The Saints scored 379 points, while allowing 388. Drew Brees was the quarterback, throwing for 4,423 yards. Aaron Stecker added 581 yards of rushing and Reggie Bush caught 99 passes for 1,203 yards. Will Smith was sacked seven more times and was unable complete a pass.

The 2007 New Orleans Saints finished with a 7-9 record, a point differential of -9. The Saints finished the regular season 3-5 at home and went 4-4 on the road. They finished the season 3-3 against the NFC South. The 2007 Saints were eliminated from the Playoffs because of this. They also had negative point differential, which did not help their playoff hopes. Click the link below to view the complete list of 2007 New Orleans Saints.

If you’re a fan of the New Orleans Saints, you can bet the players have plenty of advice for them. They are not going to lose. They’re one of two unbeaten teams in the NFL. The Saints have been able to overcome any resistance to this point, but they will need to keep their place in the playoff race by taking one game at a while. If the Saints can win this season, the Saints’ hopes will be realized.

2007 New Orleans Saints
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