2008 49ers Roster

The 2008 49ers roster is full. A number of key players were traded or cut, and the team’s offensive coordinator Greg Roman and defensive coordinator Vic Fangio were let go. Special teams coordinator Brad Seely also left. These changes were not the only ones that occurred. The team also lost three position coaches, Tim Drevno and Michael Christianson. Some of the remaining coaching staff members were replaced by college scout Joel Patton.

Although there is a significant amount of turnover on the offensive side of the ball, the 49ers did a good job at improving their overall offense. Mike Martz, the new offensive coordinator, believes that the 49ers possess the necessary elements to be a successful offense. The team has returning talent and an improving offensive line, and newcomers such as Isaac Bruce, Bryant Johnson, and DeShawn Foster should make an impact on the offense. Although this doesn’t mean that the 2008 49ers will win, they’ll have a solid foundation from which to build.

The defensive unit is a major weakness. Clements was impressive in the Pro Bowl but other defensive backs let Clements down. Strong safety Walt Harris performed admirably, but needs to be replaced quickly. Free safety Mark Roman has struggled in coverage and might be out of the team before the season begins. In addition, the 49ers spent more than 80 million dollars on Nate Clements and Bryant Young, so they need to upgrade their linebacking unit.

Last season, the offensive line gave up 55 sacks to four quarterbacks. The offensive line consisted of Joe Staley, Eric Heitmann, Jonas Jennings and Eric Heitmann, both first-rounders. Jonas Jennings is a terrible right tackle. The defense is composed of some very talented pieces. The only problem is that they’re not as good as they were in 2007.

On the other hand, the running game is a big concern for the San Francisco 49ers. After all, they failed to score a special teams touchdown last season. Beer Man Lewis averaged 7.6 yards per return last year. The team signed Allen Rossum for special teams duties this year. Allen Rossum is a skilled kickoff returner and will be taking a kickoff to his house. When he turned 33, the Pittsburgh Steelers cut him.

A number of players were cut from the 2008 San Francisco Niners team before the season started. While the team ended up with a 5-7 record, they did win the NFC West. The Cardinals beat the St. Louis Rams to clinch the NFC West and make the 49ers playoff contenders. It was the ninth season of the current 49ers’ tenure. Mike Singletary was hired as the team’s new coach to maintain the high level of play.

Many key players were part of the 2008 49ers roster. The quarterback is a key player. Joe Montana was the quarterback and he finished his first season as the starter quarterback. He threw a touchdown pass to Larry Fitzgerald and completed a TD pass to Frank Gore. The Cardinals wanted revenge for the 49ers’ loss. The 49ers’ winning streak ended with a 9-7 record. Despite their win, the Cardinals were unable to advance further in the NFC playoffs.

2008 49ers Roster
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