2008 Atlanta Hawks Roster

The Atlanta Hawks are an American basketball team competing in the Eastern Conference in the Southeast division of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The team has won many championships and has a great record of winning games. You can see that there are some outstanding players on the 2008 Atlanta Hawks roster. However, the roster is not complete without the addition of free agents. Let’s take a closer look at who made the 2008 Atlanta Hawks roster.

The 2007-08 Atlanta Hawks roster was largely dominated by veteran players, but the team added some exciting young players who have the potential to make the franchise great again. Six newcomers were added to the 2008 Atlanta Hawks roster, including center Earl Barron, who was signed to a five-year, $5 million contract, in October 2007.

Atlanta has won only one championship in its history, the 1958 World Cup. The Hawks were led by Bob Pettit to defeat the Boston Celtics. The team’s biggest defeat was against the Dallas Mavericks who won a record-breaking score of 108-79. The 2008 Atlanta Hawks roster is surprisingly young, with only 17 players on the roster. The team has a lot talent, though, as they have only won one title in the 1958-59 season.

Four newcomers are part of the 2007 Atlanta Hawks roster. Josh Smith made his NBA debut in Atlanta’s second match after a 12-game absence due to an ankle injury. Mike Bibby, a Sacramento kings player, was also signed to the 2007 Atlanta Hawks roster. The 2007 Atlanta Hawks were 2-13, 1-6 at home, and 1-6 on the roads. The A-Town Dancers won the NBA Championship back then, in 1958 with a win against the Boston Celtics.

2008 Atlanta Hawks Roster
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