2008 Warriors Roster

2008 warriors roster 27408

There are many questions about the 2008 Warriors roster. While the starting five is a solid one, there are some holes on this team’s backcourt. The Warriors lack depth beyond Turiaf and Curry. George has not played a single game yet, while Moore has struggled in preseason. Even though Law and Pruitt are decent guards, they don’t offer much on defense. Biedrins, Jackson, and Azubuike should be adequate, especially in the frontcourt. These four players are able to play tough defense on the interior, while Ellis can help rebound the ball.

The 2008 Warriors roster is dominated by guards and not large men. The team’s defense is likely to be a problem this season. They let opponents score too easily and gave up too many easy baskets. Another question is whether Stephen Jackson will stay or leave the team. Jackson has said that he wants the team to continue. Jackson is now unsure if he can handle the game’s pace. Let’s see what we can expect.

2008 Warriors Roster
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