2009 MLB Draft Signing Bonuses

Major League Baseball’s draft went as expected. First round picks received a bonus worth millions of dollars. The signing bonuses for later picks are much smaller, with starting amounts as low as a few thousand dollars. Some notable picks included first rounders and major leaguers. International players used to receive bonuses that were unlimited. However, a limit was imposed in 2010 by Collective Bargaining Agreements. However, the Arizona Diamondbacks missed out on signing three first-round picks, including Gavin Hollowell and Todd Frazier. The Diamondbacks also missed out on signing Gavin Hollowell and Ryan Wagner, three of the top 37 picks.

The Cubs, for example, picked 18 outfielders in the first round. They also selected 10 shortstops and two catchers as well as two third basemen. A few players were high-prospects and received significant signing bonuses in the 2009 draft. The first round also included two amateur players, such as Corey Lincecum. Signability picks are given a fixed amount of money to spend on a contract. The Rangers selected five outfielders in 2003 and three shortstops in 2003. However, only one of the top 100 was selected.

Zach Lee is another example of a high school athlete who was awarded a signing bonus for the MLB draft. He was selected by the Los Angeles Dodgers as the third overall pick, and signed a five-year, $5.25 million contract with them. He was already verbally committed to Florida State University, but decided to pursue his baseball career. He is now 29 years old and plays for the Arizona Diamondbacks organization. If you are a high school student athlete, check out these signing bonuses to see if they are worth your time and consider signing with them.

2009 MLB Draft Signing Bonuses
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