2011 TCU Football Prospectus

The Big 12’s top team is the Horned Frogs. Their offense was one of the best in the country, but their defense was what set them apart. Senior linebacker Tank Carder returns after a solid junior season. The Horned Frogs allowed only twelve points per game last year. TCU is a young school so that’s not much to complain about. Find out how the Horned Frogs compare to the top Big 12 teams.

TCU’s 2011 recruiting class includes a wide range of talented athletes. Running backs Casey Pachall and tight end Josh Boyce are two of the top players in the class. They have an interesting receiving corps as well. They will have to find a way to make it happen, though. With that said, the 2011 TCU football recruiting class will feature many interesting faces on the field. Here are some players you should be watching.

TCU Athletics designed the prospectus for the 2011 TCU football season. The team worked with Red Productions to put together a great video to promote the program. The video was edited by the staff of the athletics media relations office and includes student interns. Matt Hoover created the video. Keith Robinson, Vladimir Cherry, and Michael Clements provided content. This video shows how excited TCU football fans are about the season. This school has had a great football season in 2011.

The 2011 TCU football season also had some significant losses. Although only thirteen lettermen were missing from last year’s squads, the offensive unit returns twenty one starters. DT Cory Grant and WR Alonzo Adam are offensive lettermen. OT Marcus Cannon and WR Curt Clay are WR Curt Clayton. TE Evan Frosch, Logan Sligar and S Tejay Johnson are the offensive lettermen. CB Kevin Sharples, WR Alonzo Adams, OT Marcus Cannon, WR Curt Clay, TE Evan Frosch and LB Logan Sligar are defensive starters.

The Horned Frogs went through a transition year last season, dropping five conference games in a tougher environment. The experience they gained last year will serve them well in 2011. Their offense should be a strength in the open Big 12 conference, while the TCU defense will be a solid complement. If the Horned Frogs manage to make the playoffs, they should be able to make another Super Bowl appearance.

The Horned Frogs began the 2011 season by playing LSU at the Cowboys Classic. TCU will also play West Virginia, Baylor, and Texas at home. Its schedule will feature eight games in the Big 12 Conference, with eight of those contests being conference championship games. The season will be concluded with the Horned Frogs winning their sixth consecutive bowl game. The 2011 season will also feature a Rose Bowl game against the Wisconsin Badgers.

The ‘Bears’ could be back in good shape with a deep bench. Safety Josh Boyce and cornerback Travaras battle could be the backups. Chris Hackett, a freshman, could be a spark in secondary. The Eagles need to improve their defense depth. While they may not be able to replace some of the starters, they’ll still have some weapons to keep the offense moving.

2011 TCU Football Prospectus
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