2012 Indiana Pacers Roster

If you want to know who will be on the 2012 Indiana Pacers roster, you can use the Pacers’ official website. There are several different options for the Pacers to choose from. Below the roster is a tabbed version of the team’s statistics. To view the statistics, click on the tab heading. You can also sort the columns by column name. Clicking on an individual player will bring up a list of his or her career statistics.

Paul George

The Indiana Pacers were a dynasty up until the year ago, when they traded All Star forward Danny Granger to Charlotte Hornets. Granger had been expected to finish the season but was injured in preseason and was ruled out for the remainder of the season. The Pacers were without a big man and had been relying on George to carry the load, but that changed after he injured his leg.

As the Pacers’ 10th overall pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, the Pacers selected George. They selected Ryan Reid, Magnum Rolle, Lance Stephenson in the second round. The Pacers later traded Reid and Rolle to the Thunder in exchange for Paul George. They signed George and Rolle soon after, but cut Lance Allred before the regular season. The Pacers then traded away their other draft picks and have never looked back.

The Pacers are in desperate need of a go-to wing to join Paul George. In the 1997-1998 season, George led the Pacers to a 16-1 record and an All-NBA Third Team nod. He averaged more than 24 points a night and led a suffocating defense. The Pacers limited their opponents to ninety points or less 11 times during that run. The Pacers won an average margin of victory of more than 11 points.

A few years ago, it was believed that the Pacers were unfair to Hibbert and traded him to another team. However, this was not the case as Hibbert and West were already on their roster. After the trade, George and Hibbert were named to the All-Star team. Stephenson was however the big snub. Stephenson received a phone call informing him about the news shortly after the All-Star break.

Frank Vogel

Many critics have blasted Pacers coach Frank Vogel for not making the most of the team’s roster. While it is possible to fire Frank Vogel, it won’t solve the problems the team has with its roster. As a former Pacer, Vogel helped George develop as a player, and his positive approach and desire to listen to his players will be a welcome addition to the Orlando Magic.

The Pacers have many needs, including a go to wing. LeVert is entering free agency this summer, so the Pacers may need to deal him before the NBA trade deadline. But if LeVert stays, the Pacers will likely need a go-to wing. The Pacers’ record in the NBA’s paint is impressive, despite being in dire need of a go to wing. They beat Michael Jordan and the Lakers in 1997-1998 playoffs and had the 5th-best defense in the league. Analysts believe that this team was the greatest in NBA history.

Vogel could be fired if the Pacers lose their first game. However, it is not clear if he will stay for the remainder of the season. The Magic are still piecing together their starting lineup, and the team won’t have a lot of options for the future. They’re a team that has the potential to reach the Finals, but the team must get there first.

The Pacers were 128-76 last season, so Vogel’s firing could be a step back for the Pacers. Vogel has a proven track record of turning the franchise around, but the Pacers need new energy. If Vogel stays, it may be a step in the right direction. Vogel will bring a new offensive approach to the Pacers. Vogel is still on the 2012 Pacers roster so the team must be patient.

Roy Hibbert

The Pacers will need to find a new offensive identity to get Hibbert to thrive this season. Despite his defensive ability, he doesn’t provide the sort of versatility the team needs to succeed. Their defense will also be affected by the Pacers’ offensive improvement. C.J. and other free agents will be needed to rebuild the Pacers’ roster. Scola, Roderick Suckey and Watson are all available. They might also consider trading Hibbert for someone who can fill Hibbert’s better role.

Averaging nearly ten points and ten rebounds per game, Hibbert has the ability to be a valuable piece on a roster. Hibbert’s versatility is what makes him a great power forward. Hibbert has the ability to stretch the floor, making it more difficult for his opponents to penetrate the rim. Hibbert’s defensive abilities have also helped him play well on defense.

Hibbert’s limited role will likely increase as his contract expires. The Pacers still have money to spend on other players on their roster. C.J. was signed by the Pacers. To strengthen the bench, Watson, Donald Sloan and Chris Copeland signed C.J. The Pacers’ starting team was rated the best in the NBA last season. Indiana is now a preseason darling. Bob Kravitz wrote a Cat Fancy magazine article about the Pacers. National Geographic also liked the team.

The Pacers were able to win without Hibbert at the height of his powers. The Pacers won 6-3 without Hibbert in the East on February 20, and retained the top seed. Both Hibbert and George were named to the East All-Star team, although Stephenson was reportedly the biggest snub. Hibbert and West were later traded for their former teammates.

David West

A three-year contract with the Indiana Pacers was enough to get West’s attention. His goals and approach fit well with the Pacers. Three years ago, the Eastern Conference was in decline. Boston, with a young roster and an aging star, had a 56-win season to its credit, while Orlando had won 52 games but had lost key pieces from last year’s Finals roster. The Pacers were still a contender in East.

While Hummel is still recovering from injury rehab, the Pacers believe West can help them get to the next level. West was unable to participate in full-contact basketball drills last year due to an injury-prone knee. However, he made significant improvements last year. The Pacers believe he will help them reach the next level. West will get a healthy opportunity to prove that he is a serious player.

While Derrick West is a locker-room leader for the Pacers, he still has to find his 20-point per game form. West has averaged more than 20 points twice in his career but only once. He has averaged 47 percent from the field and 85 percent from the foul line. West is a reliable mid-range player with a soft touch. His athleticism make him a good addition to the team.

Although there are some questions about Hibbert’s signing, his performance in NBA was solid. He was selected to the All-NBA Third Team, and he was awarded a max contract for this offseason. Without him, the Pacers’ ecosystem could have been in a tailspin. After all, he was the final piece of the puzzle. In addition to his incredible shooting, his defense is suffocating. The Pacers were able, on 11 occasions, to limit their opponents to 90 points or less. The average margin of victory was more than 11 points.

A.J. A.J.

Sloan’s replacement is a big question for the Pacers this season. Despite his recent rise in scoring, Sloan has struggled with staying healthy and contributing to the team’s overall success. Price’s presence is crucial, and he can get the team into sets. Mack was concerned about Price’s Summer League shooting. Price has struggled to hit three-pointers, and his field-goal percentages have dropped over the past two years. To remain useful, Price must improve his shooting percentages.

Despite the lackluster season, Price has shown he is a great backup for the Pacers. He has been a blessing for the Pacers. Even though he was not selected in the first round, Price has played in the starting rotation several times. He has been a backup but has always shown up to work and maintained a positive attitude, despite being limited. He has a positive attitude, and the Pacers seem to value that.

The Pacers are now shorthanded at the point guard spot, as well as all other positions on their roster, due to Jimmy Butler’s injury. Larry Bird will be looking for a familiar face to provide relief. A.J. Price is the second-round pick of Yahoo! Sports in the 2009 NBA Draft. His contract is worth $34million and he could be the Pacers’ starter. He’s likely to spend some time with Hill and Darren Collison.

The Pacers’ two restricted free players, Lance Stephenson and Paul George, have made the team’s offense worse over the years. They ended up 24th in offensive scoring after the All-Star break. The Pacers’ offensive rebounding was also very bad last year. The Pacers might still be worth watching with a healthy Stuckey. The Pacers need to find a way to use Stuckey to help the offense this season.

2012 Indiana Pacers Roster
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