2013 Certified Football

This year’s Certified Football set will feature four hits and three Mirror parallels in every box. Every set will include Fabric of the Game hits, Rookie Cards, and Freshman Fabrics for forty players. Runners will be able to see the legends that made them NFL greats. Every box contained Barry Sanders and Emmitt Smith from last season. Each of the eight-box inner boxes will contain some very special cards, including parallels to their base cards.

This product also includes an autographed memorabilia edition of Emmitt Smith who is the all-time top rusher in NFL history. Highlights include jumbo fabric samples and a die cut F for Freshman Fabric. In addition to a traditional rookie card, the new Certified Football product also includes a jumbo swatch of Emmitt Smith’s jersey and a die-cut F for Freshman Fabric.

The NFL has several subsets for the 2013 Certified Football set. One of the more innovative is the Thanksgiving game sub-set, which features 50 cards featuring Cowboys star players. In addition to the main base set, the Thanksgiving game sub-set features 50 cards featuring the star players of the Thanksgiving game. The Thanksgiving game is a prime example of why cards are so popular. Collectors won’t miss this chance to collect because it’s a long break between games.

2013 Certified Football
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