2015 NFL Draft Giants

The Giants have a huge defensive backfield need, and Landon Collins perfectly fits that need. Collins was traded by the Giants for a fourth-rounder, and a seventh rounder. This was a fair trade according to the old Jimmy Johnson chart. Collins is a star safety but lacks top-notch coverage ability. Collins could be a good candidate to fill that role.

The Giants would also benefit from adding another safety. They’ve been missing one in John Jerry. However, Geoff Schwartz, a second-round pick last spring, could help fill that void. He missed most of last season with an ankle injury but looked solid in limited action. This may be the Giants’ best defense-lineman prospect in years. They also have many other positions that are needed.

At corner, the Giants return most of their starters. However, the Giants lost depth with the trade of Walter Thurmond to the Eagles. While Rodgers-Cromartie is still the starter, they’ll need a new safety around Eli Manning. Antrel Rolle had a down year last year and will likely need a new one. This draft also offers a chance for the Giants to make a splash at safety, but it won’t be the only one that needs to be addressed.

The Giants began their season 0-2. They had leads of over 10 points in both games. However, the Giants won their next three games with double-digit leads. They lost their home games to Jets, Eagles, and Patriots. So the Giants aren’t just a good team, but also a good team. Be sure to not be the first team to fall in this category. There’s no better time than now to join the league.

With the right draft picks, the Giants will win the division. A solid draft class is essential. The Giants picked a quarterback with the right skills to make them a contender in the NFC. The Giants have the best overall players, but they need to improve their offense to make it to the playoffs. They won’t be perfect right away but they will be better if they make the right trades.

For the second week in a row, the New York Giants held a 4th quarter lead. But the Giants failed to score on fourth down. Devonta Freeman ran in for a 1-yard touchdown, but the Giants failed to convert on fourth down. The Giants fell 24-20 to the Falcons. The Giants drove for 47 yards on eight plays, requiring 345 minutes. But it wasn’t enough.

2015 NFL Draft Giants
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