49ers Vs Vikings 2012 NFL Predictions

This week’s NFL matchup pits the 49ers against Vikings, who beat the New Orleans Saints last Sunday. The 49ers will be looking for revenge against the Vikings, but it’s a tough task without a legitimate threat at quarterback. In this article, we’ll examine both sides of the coin and give our predictions. We’ll also examine the Vikings’ defense.

Cousins will have to deal with a Vikings defense that is in disarray. The 49ers’ offense will give Cousins plenty of looks and Jimmy Garoppolo will have a good day throwing deep. They should be able run the ball and score big points as long as they can stop Kirk Cousins’ rush attempts. If the 49ers can control the clock and make the Vikings earn their first field goal, they should win.

The 49ers’ offensive line has a solid foundation at defensive end, but they lack quality at interior. There’s no traditional run-stopping nose tackle to lead the defense, and none of their starting defensive linemen are over 300 pounds. In fact, they have allowed at least 100 rushing yards per game in all but four of their games this season. In the four previous seasons, the Vikings won one game when their starting quarterbacks ran for 100 yards.

In terms of their offensive strategy, the offenses are very similar. Both teams like to run the ball, although the 49ers do prefer an outside running game. Both teams have strong fullbacks. The 49ers have slightly higher yards per attempt while the Vikings have better defense on the outside. This is what makes the Vikings so dangerous. With both teams having so many talented players on offense, this game should be a rematch of the Vikings and the Saints from last season.

The Niners’ pass rush is capable of capitalizing on Minnesota’s weak front. They sacked Kirk Cousins six more times and hit him nine more times. The 49ers’ defensive line dominated Minnesota’s front, lining up Ford at defensive tackle while Bosa manned the edge next to him. By doing this, the 49ers were able to overwhelm the Vikings’ front line and take advantage of their lack of strength at the point of attack.

The Minnesota Vikings topped the San Francisco Niners 24-13 in their NFC wild-card game. Their offense was led by Kirk Cousins and Dalvin Cook, who each had two touchdowns to lead the team to the NFC championship game. It was not the Vikings’ first appearance in the NFC playoffs, but their recent playoff success ensured that they’ll be back at the conference championships for the second time in three seasons.

Robert Saleh, the Niners’ defensive coordinator will be coaching his first playoff match. Vikings’ offensive coordinator, Kevin Stefanski, has playoff experience. Kirk Cousins is the Vikings’ quarterback and has better quarterback metrics than Jimmy Garoppolo. The Niners’ defense, on the other hand, ranks eighth in total defense. The league’s fifth-ranked team is the Vikings.

49ers Vs Vikings 2012 NFL Predictions
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