A 20 Foot Car Trailer Has Been Stolen

a 20 foot car trailer has been stolen 19151

A 20 foot car trailer was stolen near Vergas, Texas, last night. The trailer is a two axle unit with slide-out rear ramps and was black in color. It had decals on both sides and was unmarked. The driver was stopped by a school bus who honked and gave chase. Neither vehicle responded to the warnings. Police are investigating the theft. This is the first time the trailer has been stolen.

The 20-foot heavy-duty trailer includes a swing-up jack, heavy-duty diamond plate fenders, and four-wheel brakes. It also has a cleated loading ramp that slides into racks under the floor behind the fenders. These high-quality trailers have a wide variety of all-around uses. They can haul anything from a garden tractor to small tools. They are also perfect for moving large items, like furniture, to your new home.

This type of trailer sits 15 inches high, which makes it easy to load cars with low profiles. There are also no hooks on the ends of this trailer, so you don’t need to worry about lifting a heavy car with one. Using the ramps is convenient and fast. Adding a vehicle to this trailer is simple; simply slide the ramps onto the trailer and close the door. You’re done!

The 20 foot car trailer is a perfect choice for people who are moving from one city to another. Its high-profile is ideal for hauling cargo and offers convenience. This model is 15 inches wide, which means that it can be easily loaded by most drivers. The trailer has a ramp with sliding ramps. The ramps are easy to use and close when the door is closed. The trailer is a convenient option when you’re moving across town.

The 20 foot car trailer is 15 inches high, which is perfect for loading a low-profile car. The trailer has a convenient ramp that doesn’t require heavy lifting, and its door closes automatically after loading. A 20 foot vehicle trailer also has a GVWR and a load capacity of 40,000 pounds. If you need to move a car, the 20 foot car trailer is a good choice. Its weight and length make it a convenient option.

The 20 foot car trailer is available in different sizes. The highest quality ones come with extra features, such as locking and unhooking features. These features can make the difference between a smooth ride and an uncomfortable ride. The 20 foot trailer is the perfect choice for people who want to move their cars frequently, or need a vehicle with a low profile. The trailer’s low-profile design makes it easy to drive and store.

The 20 foot car trailer is 15 inches high, which makes it ideal for loading low-profile cars. The 20 foot trailer is easy to use with its sliding ramps. There are no end hooks on the trailer. You can easily open and close the ramps. The doors of the trailer close automatically when you’re finished. This is a convenient feature for people who often have to haul a large amount of cargo. There are also ramps on the side of the trailer.

This trailer is available in different sizes. The premium models have several more all-around benefits. A 20 foot trailer has a low-profile ramp that helps load low-profile cars. In addition, it can also haul garden tractors and other small equipment. This type of vehicle trailer is a great choice for hauling large and heavy loads. With its low-profile design, it will not affect the height of your car. Its ramps will slide into the racks on the back of the trailer.

This trailer is designed to fit most cars. Its low-profile design allows it to fit into most car parking spaces. Whether you’re hauling a car or a motorcycle, a 20 foot car trailer is the perfect option. The standard models have five wheels and will accommodate up to three cars. These car trailers also have a tongue for your motorcycle. These car trailers will provide easy access to your cargo.

A 20 Foot Car Trailer Has Been Stolen
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