A Brief Biography of Jacnett

Did you know that Jacnett was buried at St Benet Sherehog. If so, you might be curious about the details of his life. He was a citizen and grocer who died in the early nineteen century. Here is a brief biography. Continue reading to learn more about this important person in history. And don’t forget to check out other interesting facts about Jacnett! We’ve included his date of birth, death, and church.

Died in the church of St Benet Sherehog

The name “St Benet Sherehog” is ambiguous. It may refer to the church’s founder or benefactor, or it may be a reference to the castrated ram used as the first shearer. In any case, the church was built before 1111, and was located in the wool-dealing district of the City of London. This explains why the church’s graveyard is located in the area.

In 1996, the Museum of London Archaeology Service published monograph 39, describing the archaeological evidence of the 1994-1996 excavation and defining the medieval and later sequences in the parish. The monograph describes human skeletal remains from the parish of St Benet Sherehog and includes a French and German summary. This monograph is a valuable resource for those interested in London’s early history.

A Brief Biography of Jacnett
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