A Classic American Barn Dance

a classic american barn dance 40170

The classic American barn dance, which was written in 1904, can now be found in many formats. J.W. Pepper also published orchestral arrangements. These often feature at least eight instruments. Large orchestra versions typically include a cello, first and second horns, and small and large drums. This catalog listing lists more than 750 pieces, with several variations. J.W. Pepper also included arrangements of popular classical works, as well as a few compositions.

Several publishers published books for the barn dance in the 1880s. J.W. Pepper’s Universal Dancing Master, there are pamphlets and books on folk dances. Burchenal, Elizabeth, Carpenter, “Ernie”, all published pamphlets as well as call books. The Universal Dancing Master was published in Chicago in 1882 and contains a call book for prompters.

A Classic American Barn Dance
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