A Closer Look at Gene Deal’s Net Worth

Despite Puff Daddy’s recent statements and criticism, many still wonder about Gene Deal’s net worth. We’ll discuss the controversial rapper’s relationship with Big Boy, his criticism of Diddy and His philanthropic work. Gene Deal’s YouTube video can be viewed here. Here’s a closer view of his net worth. His net worth is estimated to be over $4 million.

His relationship with Big Boy

Several years ago, Gene Deal, a former bodyguard to Diddy, began a YouTube vlog detailing his experiences with the rapper and other Bad Boys artists. In it, he criticized Diddy for some of his past actions. He talked about Biggie’s passing and the relationship between Jennifer Lopez (and Suge Knight) and openly criticised Diddy for his past actions. Deal was part Diddy’s security crew during Biggie’s 1997 death. He has spoken out about it in his video series.

During the film, Gene deals with a variety of characters, including 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G. Gene describes the beginning of the 2Pac-vs. Bad Boy feud. Though he didn’t see his brother interact with Biggie, he recalls watching Biggie and Diddy get together after the Quad shooting. While it’s unclear how the two of them met, Gene Deal was an important figure in the development of Tupac’s career.

Gene Deal suggested that Diddy threw Shyne under the bus because he wanted to avoid jail time. The two men were in the same bar, and a man shouted, “N-gga, we got money!” before slamming Diddy. Deal said that Diddy was snitching on Shyne in an attempt to avoid being charged. Diddy was cleared of all charges.

His criticism of Diddy

After the shooting of Biggie and Tupac, Gene Deal has defended Diddy and said that he didn’t shoot him. However, the critics of the rap mogul don’t seem interested in listening. They’re still spouting conspiracy theories about his actions. However, that doesn’t mean Diddy is innocent. Gene Deal has criticised Diddy in the past.

Gene Deal was once Diddy’s bodyguard and he recently spoke to The Art of Dialogue. The former guard recalled that Diddy almost let Tupac Shakur’s fiancee drink his urine at an awards ceremony. Diddy believed he would win Producer of the Year and almost allowed Kidada Jones (2Pac) to drink the urine.

After he became a bodyguard for Diddy, he started his own YouTube channel. He has written a variety of stories about Bad Boy artists and has openly criticized Diddy in some. His most controversial posts have included a discussion of the death of Biggie, a photo of which recently surfaced. The rap mogul also has criticized other Bad Boy artists, including Jennifer Lopez, who dated Diddy before her death.

A former Bad Boy bodyguard, Gene Deal, has publicly criticized Diddy for his actions following the 1999 shooting. In his book, Gene Deal alleged that Diddy helped Shyne win the case against him by getting Shyne to confess to murdering Shyne and his girlfriend. Gene Deal has been critical about Diddy ever since the case was revealed. He did not say if he was right or wrong.

His philanthropic efforts

The Star Market heir has generously donated to charities throughout his lifetime. He also bankrolled the Boston Pops for 27 years. Other charitable endeavors include investing in residential developments and shopping centers. His philanthropic work has also earned him stakes in a Brownfields Recovery Corporation that cleans up contaminated industrial sites and builds new office parks. Deal donated $3 million last year to charity as an example of his philanthropic nature.

His home in Malibu

A rumor is circulating that Russell Simmons, the owner of a famous hip-hop label, has sold his Malibu mansion for $16 million. It was originally listed at $22 million. However, it was later reduced down to $15 million and was sold in February. According to reports, the deal included millions of dollars in improvements to the home. He did not mention whether he intended to move to Malibu.

The real estate mogul has a long list of properties, and his Malibu home is no exception. The singer and entrepreneur has been rumored to have spent more than $20 million on his home. Ofer Yardeni, a real estate mogul, also owns a neighboring property. He purchased it for himself. To protect their identities, other owners of the property have set up LLCs. The couple also own homes in England and Italy.

The home boasts stunning ocean views from almost every room, high ceilings, and walls of glass. The home also features a media room, wraparound deck, as well as a basement wine cellar. It is just down the street of Gene Deal’s larger Malibu estate worth $177 million. Andreessen Horowitz and Arrillaga-Andreessen have also purchased the house.

A Closer Look at Gene Deal’s Net Worth
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