A Closer Look at Grandma Funnies

a closer look at grandma funnies 41646

Grandma Funnies is an American business located in Worcester, Massachusetts. It is located within the Union Hill County of the state. You can visit the business at 3 Blake St. The location of Grandma Funnies can also be found on the map below. To learn more about the business’ services, you can also call it. Here are some of its most memorable stories.

One of the funniest things about grandmas is that they can’t hear your words, but they can still smile. They’re so old, they can’t even hear what you say, but they’re the only ones with time to tell you funny stories. Although grandmas don’t lie about their age, once they get older they begin to boast about it. For example, one grandma joke told us that she put wheels on a rocking chair so that she could rock and roll.

A Closer Look at Grandma Funnies
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