A German Shepherd With a Plush Coat

A German Shepherd with a long, fluffy coat is known as a “plush coat” dog. It is much longer than a standard German Shepherd’s short coat. It is more akin to a collie’s coat. The length of this coat does not affect the dog’s ability to work or compete in conformation events. This breed is a favorite of dog show judges and owners alike. Its coat does shed frequently, but it is less dense.

The medium German Shepherd has protective instincts. The dog sees the owner as a parent and a friend. It will extend that loyalty to his or her family. Nevertheless, this dog breed can be reserved and aloof around strangers. Therefore, it is important to introduce this breed to new people when deciding to buy one. A plush coat German Shepherd is a great dog for families and can be a loving pet.

In the past, German Shepherds with long coats were disqualified from showing and breeding due to their appearance. They were also considered undesirable in many other breeds and breeding lines. But in 2010, the German Shepherd Club (SV) amended the standard to allow long coat dogs to compete. This reverses the 40-year-old ban on plush coat dogs. Even so, long-coated Shepherds are not allowed to breed with ordinary-coated German Shepherds.

German Shepherds come in various colors, including black, red, blue, yellow, white, and gray. The colors they display depend on their genetic makeup and can be either dominant or recessive. Some colors are recognized by the AKC as faults, while others are not. If you have a favored color, you can find one that meets your needs. If you have a favorite color, a German Shepherd is sure to make your life better.

A plush coat German Shepherd’s coat is not as soft as a standard German Shepherd’s. They are more expensive than a standard German Shepherd, but they are similar in size and appearance. The main difference is their color. A long-haired German Shepherd will cost more than a medium-coated German Shepherd, but you can be sure that it’s not a fake! If you are thinking about purchasing a plush-coated German Shepherd, make sure to check out the gear it uses to stay warm and comfortable.

The health issues that a German Shepherd can develop are numerous. Some German Shepherds have joint issues, including hip and elbow dysplasia. These problems can be fixed with the right diet. The right dog food can help your dog maintain a beautiful, healthy coat. The German Shepherd’s fur also helps you detect diseases earlier in their life. When you feed your dog a high-protein diet, the health of your dog’s joints and coat will benefit.

A daily brushing routine will prevent excessive shedding and promote the health of your German Shepherd’s skin. This is an important habit to start as soon as possible. The daily brushing session is also an opportunity to bond with your dog. Try to find some treats before you begin the process. Brushing your dog will encourage him to enjoy the process and show off his fur! You’ll enjoy the extra time you spend together, so take advantage of this opportunity.

A German Shepherd With a Plush Coat
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