A Helping Hand in Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima has a side quest called A Helping Hand. It is necessary that you help the northeastern peasant. The quest can be completed by helping him build a home using materials he finds. He will eventually show you his house. If you are lucky, you may get a Charm of Iron Grip from the man. To complete this quest, you must visit a specific location on the island.

Ghost of Tsushima offers a side quest called A Helping Hand. It is not visible on the map. You will need to visit a small villager who needs help rebuilding his house. Look for white smoke rising from the sky to find the location. The peasant may not always be visible. You will be given special items during your visit. This quest will also reward you with a trophy called “Friend of All Raiders”.

A Helping Hand is available in the Director’s Cut version. Although the quest is optional, it is necessary if you want to collect all Trophies. To get this item, visit the Tatsu’s Ladder, the Weeping Mother’s Meadow, and the Forest. To complete this quest, you will need to find Predator Hides. They can be found in the woods or along the path that leads south from the Katayama Market.

A Helping Hand is a side quest found in the Iki Island DLC. Emotaro is rebuilding his home after it was destroyed by the Mongols. You can find him in the grasslands, on shipwrecks, and in the forest. To unlock Emotaro, you will need to unlock Fort Sakai or Eagle’s Cry. It is highly recommended that you complete this quest before moving on to the next side of the island.

Tales of Tsushima are scattered throughout the three regions. You can find them by talking to peasants or exploring the map. All of them can be completed for your allies, and you will receive trophies. The silver diamonds with black dots signify the rewards. Helping Hand is a great place to find additional trophies. There’s something for every level player!

You can earn the trophy “Friend of all Raiders” by completing the optional side quest A Helping Hand. Although the quest is easy, you will need to locate the correct location. The site is marked by fire. You can also find it in a nearby forest, where there is a cunning hunter. And if you find it in another part of the game, you’ll need to meet the citizen again to complete the quest.

Combat is not the only thing that makes the game interesting. There’s plenty of it on Iki Island. The Mongols are the most difficult targets in the game. They constantly change weaponry, forcing you to switch your combat stance mid katana swipe. The combat system is impressive and the narratives are worth it. It’s a great game, so make sure you check it out.

A Helping Hand in Ghost of Tsushima
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