A Look at Aaron Ross, a Republican Candidate for Congress in West Virginia’s Second District

Aaron Ross is a potential candidate for West Virginia’s new congressman. Aaron Ross, a West Point graduate and a veteran of the Iraq War, is a first-time candidate for the second district. He served in the Army as a Civil Affairs Officer in Haswah, Iraq, and earned dual degrees from Harvard Kennedy School and Columbia Business School. Aaron returned from his deployment to work in the private sector, where he was most recently the Executive Director at The Mission Continues. This organization is dedicated to helping veterans reintegrate by civic leadership.

Although the Bible doesn’t provide much information about Aaron’s early life, it does mention that he founded the priesthood. Jochebed, Aaron’s first wife was an Egyptian woman and she married Amram, a son of Kohath. The couple had three children, including Moses, Nahshon, and Elisha. Despite the fact that Aaron’s parents are not mentioned in the Bible, Aaron married Elisheba (a woman from the tribe Juda) and had four children, including Nahshon, a direct descendant.

Aaron was just a teenager when he saw that many children didn’t have the opportunity to get the education they deserved. He became inspired to help them. He founded Acelero Learning as an organization to close the achievement gap for Head Start children. Acelero Learning has helped almost one million children prepare for school and has impacted the lives of more than 40,000 children each day. Aaron wanted to create something that could make a real difference in people’s lives and have a positive impact on society at a large scale.

Aaron had many other roles in the Bible, including supporting Moses in battle with the Amalekites and acting as his deputy on Mount Sinai. In fact, it was Aaron who forged the golden calf in the people of Israel during Moses’ absence. The golden calf eventually led to the apostasy. Although Aaron was not punished, the Levites executed 3,000 idol worshippers.

He never saw the Promised Land as a result. He died at age 123 on Mount Hor near the Dead Sea. The Israelites mourned his passing for 30 days during his lifetime. In his place, Eleazar, his son was appointed High Priest. This role was passed down through the generations of Israelites. We are grateful for Aaron’s story.

Aaron’s life is a testimony to God’s justice and holiness. Aaron was a mediator between Moses, the people, and he also served as a priest in sacrificial systems. He was involved in the worshiping of the golden calf but he refused to condemn his brother Moses’ sin. He also accepted the death of his sons who had been involved in adultery.

He is considered a saint by the Eastern Orthodox, Maronite and Syrian Orthodox Churches. However, he shares his feast with his brother Moses. His feast day falls on September 4, according to the modern Gregorian calendar. However, churches that follow the Julian calendar celebrate his birthday in September 17. He is remembered in the Armenian Apostolic Church on July 30.

A Look at Aaron Ross, a Republican Candidate for Congress in West Virginia’s Second District
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