A Look Into Hamburger Helper Anatomy

a look into hamburger helper anatomy 36424

A new Twitter account for Hamburger Helper has revealed the skeletal makeup of Lefty the mascot. Lefty can be seen kneeling in a skeleton glove that has a face on it. The image shows Lefty with his thumb, three fingers, and red nose. The image has since prompted a firestorm of debate among fans. Regardless of the true skeletal makeup of Lefty, it’s a fun look into this quirky character’s anatomy.

A tweeter asked for help in identifying the correct skeletal structure for the Hamburger Helper Mascot. He provided a picture of Lefty as well as two photos of possible structures. The skeletal structures suggested by the tweet author include a large skull in the palm, femur-like bones in place of the fingers, and a tiny human skeleton hidden within the palm, leaving the fingers boneless.

The Hamburger Helper put an end to speculations about the glove’s skeletal structure on Monday. Its creators revealed its skeletal structure, which answered most questions. Although the gloves are made of synthetic material, they can speak and have a human-like face. Although it isn’t known if Hamburger Helper can feel emotions, its use in helping humans should be considered in light of this fact.

A Look Into Hamburger Helper Anatomy
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