A Rottweiler All Black

a rottweiler all black 43437

A Rottweiler that is all black may not be purebred, but if the owner is determined to keep their pet, they should not be discouraged. Rottweilers are known for their all-black color. This is a desirable trait. This breed was developed by German breeders, and is now widely known. Color and coat differences are determined by where they are located and may vary in some areas.

All-black rottweilers make great companions and are large, heavy dogs. This breed is loyal and meticulous with its hair. They can also be trained to herd sheep or hunt larger game. The American Kennel Club considers them purebred and is known for their loyalty. All-black Rottweilers can have their issues, despite their black appearance. They can get eye infections and hip dysplasia.

A Rottweiler All Black
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