A Scary Dog Meme Has Become a Popular Internet Meme

a scary dog meme has become a popular internet meme 43793

A scary dog meme is an internet meme that shows a dog alone hiding under a blanket with its teeth visible. Another funny version features a black cat stepping slowly towards the dog. The Chihuahua is crouching low and looks nervous. If you’re wondering what could make this poor dog scared, you’ll be able to relate to it. There’s no doubt that the dog is frightened by the sudden noise.

While the caption may not be very funny, Junebug’s photo has quickly become a viral sensation. Tim and his wife have revealed that the picture wasn’t intended to go viral. In fact, they never expected their photo to catch the attention of the world. Junebug, the adorable and eccentric dog that has been making the rounds online recently, isn’t actually scary. The picture simply captured Junebug’s quirky personality and makes the internet laugh.

A Scary Dog Meme Has Become a Popular Internet Meme
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