A Wonderful New World – Chapter 155

If you’ve been looking forward to the new chapter of A Wonderful New World, now is the time. Chapter 155 is set to be released on 5 September 2022. This manga has a lot to offer, including a variety of romances and dramas. It’s sure to be a hit with fans of this bestselling series.

Despite its absurd title, Brave New World is far from a dystopian dystopia. The dystopian society depicted in the novel is incredibly stupid. Even the Alphas are dumb, and there are few well-defined Alphas. In addition, Huxley is too smart to have created such dimwitted characters, as the Savage is an implausibly articulate vehicle for Huxley’s sympathies. It’s also worth noting that most of the people in the wonderful new world are mental invalids, or pigs. Furthermore, utopias rarely produce Great Art. According to Huxley, great art and happiness are mutually exclusive.

The novel also contains an intriguing storyline. John and Linda are separated at the start of the novel. Despite their love for each other, the two girls are forced to live in a world that is far from their expectations. They live in an isolated lighthouse. The director is a cruel man, and he is jealous of the two of them. He tries to make them live in a different place, but they are separated. In a twist of irony, John’s mother, Lenina, is a woman who is a member of the “brave new world” but he is not allowed to be with her.

Although BNW seems idyllic, this utopia would not be a realistic world. Instead, the BNW society is controlled by ten world-controllers, whose spokesman is the donnish Mustapha Mond. He controls the entire society and determines all aspects of the individual’s life. Its censorship and lack of individuality result in a society where individuals are systematically stifled.

While most people are astonished by the idea of living in an artificial society, the reality is much more complicated. The world in the future is not as utopian as the movies suggest. In fact, many people who live in such a world would find themselves in an impoverished state. In such a society, people are drugged to become happy and achieve soma. In order to achieve such a state of happiness, people are forced to give up their artistic pursuits.

The world in BNW is very different from ours. While our biotechnology is advanced, our social structures are extremely rigid and we don’t have any historical dynamic. The BNW society also bans knowledge of the past, so that no one can make invidious comparisons. The knowledge of history would reveal the horrors of the past.

The book also examines the downsides of living in an ostensibly perfect society. Huxley satirises our obsession with consumerism, mass production, and eugenics. In the future, individuals will be tamed and controlled through chemical manipulation and assembly lines.

A Wonderful New World – Chapter 155
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