A Wonderful New World is Now Available Online

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If you’ve been looking forward to reading a new manga, you’ll be glad to know that A Wonderful New World manga is now available online. Released this year, the series has been running since the beginning of 2019. While there have been a few breaks in between chapters, the manga has continued to release new chapters every week, giving fans plenty of time to catch up on the series. Interested readers can find the latest chapter online on various sites.

The plot revolves around the character of Mustapha Mond, the resident world controller of western Europe. He oversees one of the ten zones that make up the World State, a utopian society that was established after the great Economic Collapse and the Nine Years’ War. Mond is a hyperintelligent and urbane advocate of the World State. Despite his privileged status, he is also uniquely aware of society’s problems. He argues that the state must sacrifice art in order to maximize the happiness of the masses.

A Wonderful New World is Now Available Online
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