AAD Cloud AP Plugin Initialize Returns Error Code 0xC00484B2


In a Windows Azure environment, an Azure AD Connect call to plugin initialize returns an error with the error code 0xC00484B2. This is a common issue. It occurs when the user changes his password after successfully joining a station, or if he changes his username and password after changing the password. When this happens, the user is unable to authenticate until his or her profile is recreated.

What is the cause of this error?

The cause of this error is unknown. It may be a faulty configuration or some other issue. The best solution would be to install a fresh copy of the AAD Cloud API and try again. Once the aad-cloud API call is successful, you should receive the corresponding response. If you get the error message again, you can try reinstalling the AAD Connect service.

Generally, the Azure AD Cloud AP plug-in call will fail if the call is made without an access token. The access token is used to sign a device, which can also be registered or joined to Azure AD. The device object is the identifier for the device. The PRT token created using this device will inherit the value of the RegistrationAuthMethods. You can change the value of this parameter by using an AADInternal.

How to access Azure AD?

Upon joining a device, the Azure AD node will generate two keys: a Device key and a Transport key. These two keys are used to identify the device. When creating a PRT, the transport key will be used to decrypt the session key. Once the authentication process is complete, the AADInternals can use the PRT token to access the Azure AD.

Besides the error code, the aad cloud ap plugin initialize returned error 0xc00484b2 in the application’s code. The device object is the object used to identify the device. It is the key that controls access to the service. Then, the AADInternals will use the value of the PRT token to authenticate the user.

The registry key 0xc00484b2 means that the Azure AD is unable to initialize the device. The problem is in the Windows registry, which contains a key called Automatic-Device-Join. This task runs as a SYSTEM and queries Azure AD’s tenant information. Afterwards, it will create a PRT token that uses the device’s access token.

The aad cloud ap plugin’s initialization method should be set correctly. Then, it should register the device. The dkpriv value should be a valid certificate, as it will identify the device. When the user tries to join a computer, he or she should be signed into a service that enables the user to use the device.

When does the error occur?

This error occurs when a device attempts to register with Azure AD. The error code 0xc00484b2 is a result of a problem with the authentication process. The device is not connected to an Azure AD account. During the initialization process, it will register with the Azure AD and be signed in.

The error can be caused by several reasons. For example, the aad server may have detected that the device is registered in another country. Alternatively, the device may have been registered and is trying to sign in to the same domain. In this case, the aad server will request a certificate for this IP address. Then, it will ask the user for the access token.


Whether it is due to an AAD authentication failure or an issue with a password, the issue is related to the AAD authentication. If a device is not already registered in Azure AD, it will not be able to sign in. Moreover, the password will not be saved in the AAD. Ultimately, you must check whether the device’s certificate is valid and that it matches the AAD FS object.

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AAD Cloud AP Plugin Initialize Returns Error Code 0xC00484B2
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