Adam Amar

Adam Amar – A Memorable Man

Adam Amar is widely recognized for his expertise in constitutional law. Amar has published many law review articles as well as written several books.

He oversees the Lumen project at Berkman Klein Center. In his free time, he coaches rowing and wrestling at BB&N School as well as training Brazilian jiu jitsu. Lastly, he enjoys reading science fiction books when possible.

Early Life and Education

Adam Amar was an extraordinary individual with an enormous heart and incredible physical strength. He delighted in life, always smiling brightly, fighting hard for those close to him while always standing up for what was right. Adam Amar leaves behind Karli Amar, sons Ethan and Aaron Amar, his father Jonathan Amar, brothers Nafisa Osman, Drnazar Salih Kamal Gray Midhat Abbas as well as many close family members.

Amar has earned three degrees: an undergraduate in Folklore and Mythology from Harvard, a Bachelor’s of Laws (Folklore and Mythology) from Boston University School of Law, and a Master’s in Psychology (Masters) from California Southern University. Additionally, he co-authored and edited six-volume treatise on constitutional law; also many articles published or edited articles published by leading legal journals.

Professional Career

Dean Amar is one of the foremost scholars in constitutional law. He earned both his undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley and his juris doctorate from Yale Law School (where he served as articles editor of its Law Journal). Additionally, he clerked for Judge (now Justice) Stephen Breyer.

Adam was an amazing big brother to Ethan and fourteen year-old Aaron, whom they loved playing with together – especially wrestling and shooting hoops together!

Adam was also an accomplished baseball player. He played four professional seasons before transitioning into cardiac perfusionist at South Georgia Medical Center Heart Hospital, living with his wife and two children in Lake Park. Adam will be greatly missed; his presence will be felt across his extended family.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Amar was a four-year starter and All-American for Memphis baseball, setting team records in terms of hits and RBI. Additionally, his efforts led the Tigers to an appearance at an NCAA Regional in Nashville.

He was an impressive power hitter who excelled at first base while possessing exceptional defensive abilities. In 2007, he was honored as part of Conference USA All-Star team and concluded his collegiate career as the all-time leader for both hits and RBI at his school.

Adam currently works as a project manager at the Berkman Klein Center, overseeing both Lumen and SIENNA projects as well as supporting other efforts of the center, such as Criminal Justice Debt Tool development. Outside of work he coaches wrestling and rowing at BB&N school as well as studying Brazilian jiu jitsu. Most importantly he loves spending time with his family.

Personal Life

Adam Amar was an enthusiastic sports fan. He loved basketball, football and baseball; participating in summer league with Marcus Davis and Jordan Tolliver before embarking on his brief MMA career. Adam Amar was adored by Ethan and Aaron who were deeply grateful to have such an inspirational figure as their big brother; known for his heart-felt kindness as well as having an athletic body.

Amar is widely recognized as one of America’s premier constitutional law scholars. He is widely published and regularly contributes to leading law reviews, having written several books and numerous articles for publication. Amar clerked for Justice Harry Blackmun of the US Supreme Court as well as serving as former partner at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher law firm. Additionally, Amar frequently appeared as a guest expert on popular news programs and talk shows such as The Colbert Report, Tucker Carlson Tonight, Morning Joe Fox News @ Night with Shannon Bream Fareed Zakaria GPS Erin Burnett Outfront as well as ABC’s The Week with Peter Slaton.

Net Worth

Adam Amar was an adored big brother to Ethan and 14 year old Aaron. As well as being an outstanding husband to Kris, Adam enjoyed reading comic books and science fiction novels, playing basketball and wrestling as well as studying judaic studies and practicing Brazilian jiu jitsu. Adam had tremendous physical fitness but also an enormous heart!

Adam Amar possessed an extremely versatile acting career, appearing in comedies, romances and thrillers alike. He became well-known for effortlessly switching between comical and dramatic roles over time; winning multiple awards along the way for his efforts. Adam Amar was truly impressive actor on his way to becoming one of Hollywood’s best.

Adam Amar
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