Adam Anhold

Adam Anhold Is Back in Janesville After the Coronavirus Pandemic

Since the coronavirus pandemic shut down schools, Anhold has been unable to conduct in-person evaluations; instead he has been training at his home in Janesville.

South Dakota State outscored Western Illinois 83-77 Friday night at Brookings, SD. Will Carius led all scorers with 21 points, while Cameron Burrell scored 13 of his own.

Personal Life

Anholt has amassed an extensive television resume. He appeared as series lead Nigel Bailey opposite Tia Carrere in Relic Hunter; appeared in two episodes of Adventure Inc and had a cameo role in The Conclave; played Higgins from World War I drama Flyboys alongside James Franco in Dark Corners; also made short film appearances including Severed Garden and Ghosted. Since the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic last summer he has stayed home in Janesville while still competing for Highland; gyms have allowed him to work out regularly but since June he won’t be traveling due to travel restrictions caused by coronavirus pandemic.

Adam Anhold
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