Adam Cullimore

Adam Cullimore

Miss Cullimore understands her students and their challenges. Additionally, she understands that her actions and behaviors in her classroom have an effect on them and their lives.

Discover information about Adam Cullimore of Westerville, Ohio including phone numbers, relatives, public records and more.

Early Life and Education

As the crusades of the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries progressed, people increasingly felt they needed a surname in addition to the one given at birth. Nobles and upper classes quickly adopted surnames because of their prestige and practical value.

Cullimore and his family are highly active members of their local community, volunteering for groups like Boy Scouts of Canada, Corduroy Brook Association, Ducks Unlimited and school breakfast programs. He also served on the Board of Directors at Central Newfoundland Regional Health Centre Grand Falls-Windsor.

Discover Adam Cullimore in Westerville, Ohio by discovering their phone number, relatives and public records. Stay informed on any updates on him or his family as they face one first-degree felony count of possessing drugs – currently held on $25,000 bond.

Professional Career

He currently serves in the Utah State Senate and has held numerous leadership roles within it. Additionally, he sits on both the Social Services Appropriations Subcommittee and Infrastructure and General Government Appropriations Committees as co-chair.

At Salt Lake Community College, he also teaches geography. There he developed GIS and drone certificate programs. Additionally, he played an instrumental role in creating Miller Campus as well as working to ensure its sister campus, Juniper Canyon Campus receives proper funding.

Cullimore was arrested Friday and charged with one first-degree felony count of drug possession according to Sandusky police chief Jared Oliver. He currently resides on $25,000 bond in Erie County Jail after police observed him running away from officers near Venice Road in Sandusky, according to Oliver.

Achievement and Honors

Adam boasts not only artistic capabilities, but also extensive production and editing experience on numerous series and feature films.

He was recognized for his service to the military and has received many letters of gratitude and accommodations. Outside the service, he enjoys painting and drawing; two notable art instructors such as Lucie Macherowski from ArtStudy Giverny was an influence.

William & Mary College appointed David Asaro Director of Compliance to ensure compliance with NCAA and CAA for its 23 intercollegiate sports teams in 2013. Before joining William & Mary in 2013, Asaro had served as legal extern at DePaul University and Northern Illinois University’s Office of Compliance before joining William & Mary in 2013. Asaro is also a member of the American Bar Association.

Personal Life

Adam Cullimore enjoys painting and traveling as hobbies, spending time with his family and being an organ donor himself. Additionally, he strongly believes in giving back to the community.

Cullimore is an active member of the National Council on Aging and has served on multiple local boards and committees. In addition, he mentors students in Fort Myers.

Furley is married to Minnie Barber Furley and has two children. In addition, he has engaged in numerous business ventures; currently living in Westerville, Ohio he owns his real estate company as well as being a former football coach who also enjoys music – being an avid Utah Jazz supporter!

Adam Cullimore
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