Adam Fagin

Adam Fagin, MD – Oral Surgeon

Adam Fagin, DMD, MD is an oral surgeon specializing in bone graft dental procedures. With expertise in dental implants and offering patients various treatment options available to them, Adam provides his patients with comprehensive solutions.

As the author of two poetry chapbooks – T’s Alphabet (Little Red Leaves Textile Series 2013) and THE SKY IS A HOWLING WILDERNESS BUT IT CANNOT HOWL WITH HEAVEN (Called Back Books 2016) – his work has appeared in Colorado Review, Boston Review, Entropy Fence Volt among other publications.

Early Life and Education

Adam Fagin was raised on the Peninsula thanks to his father’s decades-long dedication of providing high quality surgical care in this region. Adam takes great pride in having become part of a legacy that has provided such vital services for his community.

Adam is known to many for various reasons; not only was he named by God in the Bible, but it has inspired numerous modern pop-culture figures and icons. Adam may even have been one of the earliest names associated with humans since it was first used by Babylonian priestly class in 6th century BC to refer to human beings – often used as early as 6th century BC by this priestly class in terms of identification with people; hence many consider him as the father figure behind “man”. Some speculate it comes from the Hebrew adm (‘adam), meaning red; while other interpretations could include Akkadian adamu () which means “to create”. Whatever its source may have been, Adam remains an inspiring name which continues to serve many.

Professional Career

He became famed for playing Fagin in Charles Dickens’ Oliver!, an intricate role requiring complex logic and the skillful manipulation of anti-Semitism into something endearing and loveable.

His Fagin was an endearing yet whimsical character who charmed audiences and served as an excellent mentor for young actors. This character came about through years of training and his personal endeavors to develop as an all-around actor.

Moody was widely lauded for his portrayal of Fagin, earning praise from fellow British actor Kenneth Cranham who called it likening it to an oil painting by Rembrandt. Additionally, the role earned Moody an Academy Award nomination in 1968.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Fagin is an esteemed and accomplished oral and maxillofacial surgeon. After earning his dental degree at Harvard School of Dental Medicine, he completed a six year surgical residency program in Portland Oregon before going on to earn an MD.

At present, he holds a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, following in his father’s legacy of providing top tier surgical care in San Mateo.

As Vice President for Education and Student Success at King’s University College, Adam has spearheaded numerous education transformation initiatives such as portfolio simplification and the implementation of a Graduate Teaching Assistant framework. He takes great pride in listening to King’s students to ensure they enjoy an unforgettable experience at the College.

Personal Life

Adam Fagin is a poet, author, and lyric essayist whose poetry has appeared in Colorado Review, Boston Review, Seattle Review, Volt, Fence and other journals.

Fagin graduated from the University of Denver and currently works as an assistant professor at Red Bird Writers Studio in Salt Lake City, Utah. Additionally, he serves as editor of Mountain West Poetry Series and Little Red Leaves Textile Series chapbook publishers.

He has two published collections of poetry: T’s Alphabet (Little Red Leaves Textile Series 2013) and THE SKY IS A HOWLING WILDERNESS BUT IT CANNOT HOWL WITH HEAVEN (Called Back Books 2016). Additionally, his work will appear in Furthest Ecology (Center for Literary Publishing 2019), an examination of Abbott Thayer (the father of camouflage).

Adam Fagin

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