Adam Hakki

Adam Hakki

Adam Hakki serves as global managing partner and head of disputes at Shearman & Sterling. An accomplished trial attorney, his national and international practice specializes in complex litigation as well as government investigations.

He provides representation for corporations, directors, executives, special committees, financial institutions and asset managers in high stakes matters in courtroom proceedings or before government enforcers such as DOJ, SEC, CFTC or state attorneys general FINRA.

Early Life and Education

Hakki was born February 28th 1886 in Istanbul’s Cihangir district. He was raised by his highly educated father who was passionate about Islamic art and architecture; an avid reader himself, Hakki developed an interest in scientific, technical, and medical fields during this period.

He attended progressive private schools such as Semsulmekatip, Mesrik-i Fuyuzat and Fevziye Mektebi before enrolling at Darulfunun-i Osmani (today’s Istanbul University). Here he learned chemistry and morphology – making life even simpler with such top-of-the-line instruction so close at hand!

Professional Career

Adam Hakki has been practicing law for over 26 years. Specializing in Securities Litigation and Business Litigation, he is licensed to practice in New York.

Adam serves as Global Managing Partner and Head of Disputes & Litigation at Shearman & Sterling. With an emphasis on “bet the company” matters, his full-time litigation practice specializes in litigation before state attorneys general, regulatory agencies such as DOJ/SEC/CFTC/FINRA investigations as well as courtroom proceedings. As one of the nation’s premier litigators he provides representation for corporations, directors, senior executives in high stakes court cases as well as administrative investigations by regulators such as DOJ/SEC/CFTC/FINRA or state attorneys general.

Shearman & Sterling announced on Tuesday that New York litigator Adam Hakki would become senior partner, taking over from incumbent David Beveridge under an accelerated transition process. Beveridge will leave his role at the end of 2018 and pass it along through formal elections later this year to Hakki.

Achievement and Honors

Hakki is the Global Managing Partner and Litigation Practice Group Leader of Shearman & Sterling. He maintains a full-time litigation and investigations practice focused on “bet the company” matters.

He represents clients in high-stakes and complex securities, antitrust and derivatives cases; shareholder derivative suits; civil and criminal investigations before courts throughout the U.S. as well as government enforcers including DOJ, SEC, CFTC, FINRA and State AGs; as well as serving as an authority on internal corporate governance, compliance and investigations matters.

Mr. Sokoloff was honored with being recognized by The American Lawyer as Litigator of the Year and Chambers USA as a “Star Individual”. Benchmark Litigation recognized him four times as “Securities Lawyer of the Year”, as well as being recognized as Law360 Banking “MVP”.

Personal Life

Adam Hakki serves as Shearman & Sterling’s Global Managing Partner and Litigation Practice Group Head, offering his full-time litigation and government investigation practice to focus on securities, antitrust and corporate governance matters both civil and criminal in nature.

Adam is widely respected as one of the country’s preeminent litigators, frequently appearing before courts, regulatory agencies such as DOJ, SEC and CFTC as well as industry clients for major cases and investigations. Adam serves as first choice counsel to financial firms during investigations or litigation matters requiring expert legal guidance.

He represents corporations, directors, executives, special committees and financial institutions in high stakes matters before government enforcers such as the DOJ, SEC, CFTC, state attorneys general, bank regulators and FINRA. His practice encompasses complex litigation and investigations concerning securities law matters including M&A transactions, antitrust issues such as derivative trading involving derivatives or commodities trading platforms (SPACs), insider trading issues relating to derivative trading platforms (iTrad), trading/investment banking regulations matters along with general commercial matters or insolvency issues.

Net Worth

Burak Hakki, with an estimated net worth of $5 Million, is an acclaimed Turkish actor best known for his roles in Dudaktan Kalbe and May Queen as well as Semum and Kizim Nerede. Married since 2001 and currently residing in Istanbul with Sema Simsek with whom they share one daughter together; currently known for his television and movie work; Born May 23, 1972 and living in Istanbul where he received multiple accolades including The American Lawyer Litigator of the Year recognition, Banking MVP by Law360 recognitions from Law360 as well as Induction into The Legal 500’s Hall of Fame for Securities Litigation Litigation by Legal 500’s Hall Of Fame for Securities Litigation by Legal 500’s Hall Of Fame membership and The Legal 500’s Hall Of Fame Membership Hall Of Fame for Securities Litigation by Law500’s Hall Of Fame membership for Securities Litigation by joining The Legal 500’s Hall Of Fame Hall Of Fame memberships – Adam has made history by appearing in TV Shows such as Dudaktan Kalbe and May Queen as well as appearing in Semum and Kizim Nerede; Semum Nerede by Sema Simsek since 2001 and Kizim nerede; Semum has made appearances Semum Nerede Hall Of Fame Hall Of Fame by joining The Legal 500 Hall Of Fame membership (Tre) among others (Legitim 500). Adam was named Litigator of Year by Legal 500 as well. He’s Hall Of Fame Hall Of Fame by being named Litigator of Year by American Lawyer and Sema Simsek Neredede respectively Sema Simsek with Sema Simsek together since 2001 with them currently residesek Simsek since then too, before then Semum appeared Semum Ki Zizim Nederde as Sema Sims also recognized Law 360, Kizim Neredde. He became part of The American Lawyer named as Banking MVP by Law 360 and Law 360 in The Hall Of Fame Hall Of Fame For Securities Litigator by Legal 500 (Wall Of Fame for Securities also recognized by Law 360 for Law 360 also known for Law 360 also recognized) who acknowledged him (Law in this year for Securities litigation!). Adam forek since 2001 is married since then) now too!s has already seen her in.). Adam currently married Simsk…and so on that lastsek as well…!s ). Now……) in 2001!)….

Adam Hakki

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