Adam Heinz

Adam Heinz, a Senior Leader at REMSA

Adam Heinz is passionate about improving the EMS industry and strongly aligns himself with REMSA brand, setting high standards for himself and his team.

Professor Heinz taught various classes at the university, such as Old Church Slavonic and Polish descriptive grammar. Additionally, he conducted MA seminars and monographic lectures on general linguistics.

Early Life and Education

Adam Heinz is a nationally registered paramedic with 18 years of emergency medical services experience. At REMSA in Reno, Nevada he is responsible for developing innovative mobile health care projects while overseeing clinical division and Center for Prehospital Education.

Documents from the Archives of Pedagogical University of Krakow show that Professor Heinz was employed at WSP between 1959 and 1970 in Polish Studies, teaching classes such as Old Church Slavonic language and descriptive grammar, in addition to organizing master’s thesis seminars.

Heinz was widely revered as an exceptionally conscientious lecturer and scholar with wide-ranging knowledge. Students recall him fondly for being punctual and scrupulous academic teachers, demanding examiners, an expert at internal accusative (known by him as “sing a song, dance a dance”) stylistic devices as well as its application in his teaching methods; Leszek Bednarczuk and Jan Ozdzynski particularly recall him with great fondness.

Professional Career

Adam Heinz serves as Senior Leader with REMSA, overseeing its innovative mobile health care projects and representing it on a national platform by working closely with regional partners, regulatory representatives, and elected officials.

Heinz’s high energy and ethical standards inspire those around him to excel. As an advocate of the EMS profession, he has worked towards its standardization at universities as well as creating and implementing a unified uniform, badge, and collar brass look across all leadership levels at REMSA.

Heinz has earned himself an esteemed place as an industry voice actor, represented by ACM Talent and William Morris Endeavor. His film and voice resume includes work for commercials, animated television shows and video games for clients such as General Electric (GE), Amazon and Nike – just to name a few!

Achievement and Honors

Adam is unrivaled in his dedication and expertise when it comes to serving his community. From volunteering on REMSA’s Employee Wellness Action Committee and serving on the Washoe County/District Board of Health to leading REMSA’s Clinical Communications Center through two re-accreditation cycles with the International Academy of Emergency Dispatch, Adam takes every task on with equal fervor and dedication.

In 2012, Professor Arif was honored by the American Political Science Association (APSA) with its Heinz Eulau Award, presented for early career scholarship on any topic within political science. Teresa Heinz created this award in 1993 in memory of U.S. Senator John Heinz in order to recognize individuals in three areas that held great significance to him: Arts & Humanities; Environment; and Public Policy. Recipients received both monetary prizes as well as medallions commemorating this distinction.

Personal Life

Heinz is a Nationally Registered Paramedic and certified Nevada State EMS Instructor as well as Advanced Emergency Medical Dispatcher. A graduate of University of Nevada Reno, Heinz currently sits on Donor Network West’s Clinical Practices and Standards, Mobile Integrated Health, and Community Advisor Boards.

Heinz was a classical philologist well-versed in Latin and Greek, yet his forte lay in Old Church Slavonic linguistics. As such, Heinz taught classes and lectured on topics including descriptive grammar of Polish as well as Grammatical Category Theory; additionally conducting research into Morphology and Syntax.

His students remember him as an exceptionally conscientious and knowledgeable instructor. Never late for class or lecture preparations, his lectures always featured comprehensive preparation work done meticulously by him and were always expertly delivered. Furthermore, he was known for being an exceptionally demanding examiner – something shared by other great educators such as Aristotle.

Net Worth

Adam Savage makes an excellent living as a special effects designer, having had his models featured in several movies. Additionally, he hosts MythBusters TV show as well as appearing in other programs.

His investment portfolio features KaBloom florists, Zoots dry cleaners, and Olly Shoes – as well as cleaning up industrial sites of contamination he’s helping clean up. Additionally, he is known to be generous philanthropist.

Heinz is estimated to be worth an estimated net worth of more than $2 billion and has long been a supporter of Boston Pops Fourth of July Esplanade concerts as well as Cotuit Center for the Arts. Additionally, Heinz owns stakes in Knorr-Bremse AG – a maker of commercial vehicle brake systems; which his heirs now run. For more information regarding his estimated net worth click here.

Adam Heinz
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