Adam Huffmire

Adam Huffmire – Connecticut Real Estate Agent

Adam Huffmire is an established real estate agent in Hartford County, Connecticut, having purchased and sold multiple properties there over 10 years. Additionally, he founded and was CEO of First Guaranty Mortgage; becoming involved with both National Association of Realtors and New England Real Estate Brokers Association membership during this time.

Achievement and Honors

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Personal Life

Adam Huffmire’s personal life focuses mainly on his family. He is married to Heather and they share two children.

Adam is an avid sports enthusiast and has participated in various sporting events. Additionally, he loves traveling.

He maintains an extensive social network and keeps in regular contact with his friends. He’s great to work with, making an impactful difference to others’ lives.

He is an adept investor and owns multiple properties. Recently he purchased one in Broad Brook, Connecticut using both cash and financing from FIRST GUARANTY MORTGAGE totalling $397,569.

Net Worth

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Adam Huffmire has amassed much of his net worth through YouTube. With millions of subscribers and years of building an audience for himself on this platform, Huffmire has seen immense growth with this venture.

Adam also generates income through his merchandise line, which began as an undergraduate course project but has grown since becoming professional. Young boys passionate about BMX racing appreciate T-shirts and sweatshirts featuring their favorite athletes, making Adam’s line of merch an attractive draw.

Even after his divorce in October 2018 took a toll on his net worth, he remains financially secure. With fans supporting him still enjoying his music career and helping drive revenue forward.

Adam Huffmire
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