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Sakani Kamagate Died May 5 After Consuming a Lethal Mix of Fentanyl and Cocaine

Staten Island baby who spent the night with his three-time felon father died after ingestion of a mixture of fentanyl and cocaine, the city medical examiner has determined. They classified his death as a homicide.

Police found Sakani Kamagate lying unconcious and lethargic on the floor of his father’s West Brighton residence shortly before 4 AM on October 30. With only minor bruises visible around his nosebleed area, there was no visible evidence of physical trauma to Sakani.

Early Life and Education

Adam Kamagate had just been released from prison for a weapon charge when Staten Island’s streets suddenly came alive with gunfire. An overhead NYPD camera caught him shooting into the air at West Brighton Houses, prompting a huge police response; Kamagate then ran into a sixth-floor apartment where they surrendered as cops were about to batter down their door and prepare a raid.

16 months later, a New York City medical examiner determined that baby Sakani Kamagate died due to ingestion of an illicit mix of fentanyl and cocaine administered by his three-time felon father on Hamilton Avenue near Academy Place in St George. The father told police he collected the boy from his mother’s residence between 6pm-8pm on Feb. 20 and that everything seemed okay at that point in time.

Professional Career

Sakani Kamagate made headlines as an exciting young player for Paris Basketball in France’s premier league. At 6-8-11 and with impressive statistics on display throughout 2021-22 season, Kamagate proved himself worthy of further consideration by NBA teams and showed promise as one of its rising stars.

Just a month after being released from prison on weapons charges, Kamagate was suspected in the fatal shooting of 21-year-old Justin Stokes in Mariner’s Harbor on May 5. Police sources claimed he may have been out to settle scores with someone.

Police suspect he was part of a gunpoint robbery of a Staten Island bodega at gunpoint and that heroin had been stashed in one pair of sweatpants at his home, according to sources. He had 28 arrests and served three stints in state prison – twice for weapon possession and once for drug possession.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Kamagate was on parole for weapons charges when an overhead camera detected him firing shots outside Staten Island’s West Brighton Houses in 2008. Police response was immediate, yet Kamagate and his companions surrendered as cops prepared to storm through their door.

One month later, Kamagate is said to have held up a St. Albans bodega by brandishing a gun and demanding money from an employee; when she gave it up he used his gun as leverage against her by slamming it against his head.

Police identified Kamagate as the suspect responsible for the May 5 shooting that left 21-year-old Justin Stokes dead and three others injured, as well as Kamagate being arrested Tuesday following an investigation by U.S. Marshals Task Force, Broome County sheriff’s deputies, and Binghamton police.

Personal Life

Adam Kamagate first made headlines after being released from prison on Staten Island parole in 2008. Within hours after leaving jail, gunfire erupted throughout West Brighton and Mariner’s Harbor – with Kamagate himself implicated for killing one individual on May 5.

Sakani Kamagate was 16 months old when he died after spending the night with his three-time felon father. This week, the City Medical Examiner determined his death was intentional. Kamagate told police they ate dinner together at 10pm before going to sleep together at 11pm; at 4am when he awoke he found the toddler unconscious in bed with rigor mortis and already unresponsive.

Police sources reported to the New York Daily News that an investigation of his home turned up heroin and several cellphones hidden in sweatpants, according to sources close to the boy’s maternal family who remembered him fondly online obituaries as being “super smart, adorable, loving and sweet baby”.

Net Worth

Many have inquired about Adam Kamagate’s net worth. While he has yet to open up about it publicly, we do know he doesn’t appear particularly wealthy but also not too poor either.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner reported that Sakani Kamagate died due to acute intoxication resulting from exposure to fentanyl, acetyl fentanyl and cocaine. His father Andrew Kamagate reported to specialists that he put Sakani Kamagate to bed just hours before she was found lethargic and unconscious at 53 Hamilton Avenue.

Sometime after his release from prison for weapon possession, police officially named him a suspect in the May 5 Staten Island shooting death of 21-year-old Justin Stokes of Mariners Harbor on Staten Island. A search warrant of his home revealed 283 packets of heroin.

adam kamagate
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