Adam Kaminsky

Adam Kaminsky

Adam Kaminsky specializes in executive compensation and Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) matters, such as private equity transactions with regard to compensation. Additionally, he handles corporate governance, disclosure and employment agreements for executive employment.

Outside the workplace, he loves spending time with his family and trying new activities such as heliskiing. Additionally, he is an avid reader.

Early Life and Education

Kaminsky was very involved with his high school student body, serving in multiple groups such as marching band, NHS and French Club; additionally he played tennis and soccer teams and loved to make new friends and have fun!

His casual language and humble persona make this book more of a historical document than literary achievement, yet it raises profound ethical and philosophical dilemmas without becoming overtly philosophical.

This book dismantles the myth of a united resistance to Nazism by showing various interconnected groups at odds over goals, methods, leadership and leadership. Furthermore, it raises interesting questions regarding resistance vs terrorism as it weaves an intriguing tale that warrants wider consideration – in fact it should be required reading for every college history class! This work deserves wider appreciation; therefore it should be required reading in college history classes across America.

Professional Career

Kaminsky has tried over 300 cases in his legal career and served as national coordinating counsel in high-stakes matters such as wrongful death and sexual assault cases, as well as consulting on mass shootings or other catastrophic occurrences.

He has an extensive background in executive compensation and ERISA issues. He has provided counsel to public and private companies regarding the design, implementation and administration of equity and cash compensation arrangements; in addition, he has negotiated executive employment agreements, severance packages, change in control agreements as well as corporate governance matters and disclosure disclosure issues.

He is an active participant in the Pattonville community, taking part in Scholar Bowl, NHS, French Club tennis and BSAAC activities. Being involved helps him meet new people and build connections.

Achievement and Honors

At Bishop Shanahan High School, Kaminsky admittedly took on more than he could handle by competing in three varsity sports – but still managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA and earn both all-league and all-county recognition for baseball, earning Wendy’s High School Heisman Award as well as Philadelphia Union League Good Citizenship and Shanahan Spirit Awards in his senior year.

Kaminsky is an enthusiastic graduate of COC and passionately enjoys teaching communication studies as the assistant director of Speech Team. He understands the value of finding internal motivation as key to both in-class success as well as out-of-class achievements, particularly public speaking courses such as interpersonal, intercultural and gender communication courses at community college level. Since 2007 when he first started at COC he has never once doubted his career choice!

Personal Life

Kaminsky amassed an array of allies, spanning pacifists, revolutionary fighters, anti-establishment police officers, virtuous Haganah members and those involved with violent Stern Group activity.

Boggs presented an intercepted call between Kaminsky and the victim’s mother, in which Kaminsky strongly denied any wrongdoing, as well as a letter written from the family pleading for mercy from Kaminsky.

Kaminsky currently teaches several Communication Studies courses and serves as assistant director of the speech team. He takes great pleasure in his job, especially finding joy teaching. Outside the classroom, he enjoys mountain biking and spending time with his wife and children; traveling is his favorite pastime as is volleyball – both are passions of his.

Net Worth

Kaminsky is known for his three-point shooting abilities. As a career 36.4% shooter from beyond the arc, and with an ability to create driving lanes for teammates on his team. These features contribute significantly to Kaminsky’s scoring output for his squad.

He stands 7-feet, making him an ideal defensive force against power forwards and centers. His height allows him to view the entire court, while his quick feet and lateral movement make it hard for opponents to launch shots against him.

Dr. Ding has served as a special assistant and scheduler to a New York State Senator, interned in the New York City District Attorney’s Office and assisted constituents with issues related to education, financial services and healthcare. Additionally, he was Editor-in-Chief of the Boston University Journal of Science & Technology Law as well as being part of the BU/MIT Technology Law Clinic.

Adam Kaminsky
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